Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You all know my heart for the orphan, so this post should come as no surprise. However, today when I read a fellow blogger's post regarding the orphan, I was completely surprised by my emotions when I read it. It is real. It hits home. I hope it does for you as well. I am going to link her blog,A Place Called Simplicity , as well as copy the post here:

He showed me that His hand of grace had been extended for many, many, many years to the body of Christ - waiting for the church to rise up on behalf of the orphan. Grievously, in previous generations, the orphan has been largely ignored. Pretending they didn't exist. Even today there are thousands and thousands of pastors, leading churches, yet refusing to give attention to the plight of the orphan. Oh how God's heart grieves!! (And yes, one day they will be held accountable!)

My generation has ignored the orphan. They have turned a deaf ear to their cry. They are busy. They have their lives planned. They don't have time. Two children, preferably a boy and a girl - and whew! we're done!! And yet the orphans cry. Around the world they cry. Who will hear them? Who will rise up and be their advocate?? Who will do something?

My generation (and previous generations primarily had deaf ears) so God moved to the next generation. Remember hearing how Steven and MaryBeth Chapman's daughter, Emily, begged her parents to adopt?? There are countless other stories....tons....of kids hearing the cries of the orphan and begging their parents to adopt.
Yes, that was God stirring the next generation's heart. And so, some of the next generation heard the cry. They prayed and influenced their parents hearts. And today, many, many, many are beginning to hear the cry and do something!!! Anything!!

But God's prophetic word was clear. He is waiting for millions to rise up and do something. He is waiting and His hand of mercy will not be stayed forever. He will rise in judgment. He will rise on behalf of the orphan and judge us.

So what are we to do? We are to pray! We are to get on our knees and ask God to forgive our complacency. Our busyness. Our "we have things to do" attitude. We must ask Him to stay His hand of judgment. To extend His hand of grace while "we get this right".

Many could say, "but I can't adopt". Okay, but EVERYONE can pray for the orphan. EVERYONE can give for orphan care (people like Bill & Lynsay or Bernie and Bennet in India or Jess & Abby in Uganda or Katie in Uganda) or to help others who are adopting pay for their adoption. (As I am typing their names I am realizing that all those giving their lives for the orphan are from the next generation - yes! God indeed has stirred the hearts of the next generation!) If everyone waited till they had "extra" money....yeah, well, that means it would never happen. God didn't tell us to wait till we had some extra....He just said, "give".

Sometimes I know people wonder: What exactly should I pray on a day of Prayer?

Here's how I started my prayer time today:

~~forgiveness for not caring for the orphan as I should

~~God to open doors internationally for the orphan

~~God to move on behalf of the government officials in Canada NOW!!
~~that the government officials would bow to the authority of the King of Kings & Lord of Lords

~~move on the hearts of God's people around the world to begin to hear the cry of the orphan

~~move on government officials around the world)

~~give James and Cheremi grace & encouragement

~~set Kaysia and Ezekiel free

~~other families waiting - set their children free!

~~stay His hand of judgment until we get it right!

~~change selfish hearts to hearts of caring for the orphan

~~those longing to adopt that God would stir their unwilling spouse

~~and more stuff....

Linn over at A Place Called Simplicity
has been such a source of encouragement throughout our adoption journey. She is an amazing woman. I hope that you are blessed and challenged by her blog today (and everyday!!). And in the words of Linn, YIPPEE JESUS!!!

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Tara Anderson said...

Wow, that's powerful. Many of those things had crossed my mind, but most had not. What a fresh, new perspective on the plight of the orphan...and it gives some great prayer ideas, too! Thanks for sharing!