Monday, January 25, 2010


I never thought I would have to write this post. I never imagined that there would be people out there that wouldn't be happy for us. Happy for her. Apparently, I was wrong.

Apparently, there are people out there that do not support us. And you know what? It is hurtful. It is incredibly hurtful. We have prayed on our face before Jesus. We have fasted. We have searched for God's will in His word. We have not taken a step forward without seeking HIS will for this journey.

You see, by prayer, fasting and searching His word, what we have discovered that adoption is Biblical. There are tons of specific scriptures that tell us to care for the orphan and the widow. We are doing what OUR Abba has commanded us to do.
So to our loved ones, friends, and family: I don't expect you to make the choices we have made. I don't expect you to agree or understand. You can't possibly know what the right decision is for our family. However, I hope that you are able to look past your own conflicts and see the bigger picture.

The bigger picture here is this - there is a little girl on the other side of the world that has no one to tuck her in tonight when she goes to bed. She has no one to kiss her tears when she falls and skins her knee. She has no one to teach her how to be a lady. She has no one to tell her that she matters. And most importantly, she has no one to tell her that her Savior came to this earth 2000 years ago. That he was crucified on the cross so that her sins would be forgiven. So that she may spend eternity in Heaven. But now? Now she has Hope. Hope for a family, hope for love, hope on becoming a strong, intelligent woman one day. Hope that she can spend eternity is the very Savior that came to save her.

So maybe it isn't the right choice for you, but it is the right choice for us. Maybe, just maybe you can put your selfishness aside and think about her. It's not about you.

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