Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So those crazy chicks at Wild Olive Tees are at it again! This time, they are hooking up our kids! They have an awesome new line of kids tees coming in mid August. I don't know about your kids, but my holy terrors sweet angels need a constant reminder that they are CHOSEN by GOD, and they need to act like it, daggumit. So, I will for sure be getting my kids shirts. Also, for a limited time, they are donating above and beyond the 10% to Love Without Boundaries. So by ordering an awesome tee shirt(S), you are witnessing to a bajillion people just by wearing it (unless of course you never leave your house, in which case, you aren't witnessing at all. Unless of course you live with some that isn't saved, then you would be witnessing to them.), you are helping an organization that helps save the lives of sweet sick babies (and maybe, just maybe, even my little girl. I don't know but what if she is waiting there? She could be, you never know. Even if she isn't, there are so many babies that need your help.), and you would be instantly cooler.

So there. Get your tee shirt! Get your kids tee shirts! You know you want to.

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Amie@WildOlive said...

Thanks for spreading the word! You have been entered into our giveaway. This post made me LOL. ;)