Sunday, August 30, 2009


Finally, we are actually moving forward! All of our clearances are back, and I am overnighting everything to our homestudy coordinator in the morning. She did tell me that once she receives everything, it should move quickly. So maybe, JUST MAYBE, we can have something scheduled by the end of the week.

I am so ready to get this homestudy started. In NC, we only have 90 days to have the homestudy completed (which is why they made me wait until all the documents were in before we started). What is exciting is once the homestudy draft is on file, technically we can receive a referral. Now I am not naive enough to think it will happen that quickly, but it could. It has happened that way for a lot of people, so there is that chance.

I tried to "figure out" our timeline and I think it could work out as follows - we get our homestudy scheduled for sometime in the next couple of weeks. That can take up to 90 days. Then, we file our I800a and that is taking around 45 days. Then, we get our documents authenticated by the state, US, and Chinese embassy, and that should take just a few weeks (we will use a courier service). So all of that said, we theoretically, could be sending our documents to China in January, possibly even December! YAY! I would love to be DTC by the end of the year. We will see what happens. I know the homestudy can't be longer than 90 days, but I am not certain how long it actually takes.

It is exciting to see things *finally* moving. I feel like for two months I have just been wasting time. If we had not have changed agencies, I am sure we would be much further along in the process. However, I still feel like we made the right decision and the set back now, probably will be made up in the wait for a referral. Anyway, hopefully I will have an update soon regarding our homestudy. WOOT!


TanyaLea said...

How about a WOOT!WOOT!! ;o)

I know first hand how exciting each step is. It feels SO good with ever milestone reached!!

Blessings on your journey!

Kathy said...

It feels like your climbing a mounain - I know all to well ! But, as I look back at how slow our paperwork seemed - I can see that it was all in God's timing to bring our Maggie to us.

Tara. said...

I'm continually amazed at how quickly this is all moving! It's just confirmation that this is Gods plan for your family and it's so exciting to be part of!

Blondie said...


Valerie and Jeff said...

Hey Michele,
I upgraded my OS system ... and I can now post to your site!
Yay. Looking forward to leaving comments on your journey.
Hope you're hanging tough with all the paperwork I know your devotion and passion will pull you through.