Monday, August 24, 2009


Yes, I think so. I joke a lot about how I think I have OCD. Now, I don't wash my hands a bajillion times a day, but I do obsess about a lot. When I get something in my mind, I can't think of anything else. I can't eat, I can't concentrate, I am a mess until I work out whatever I am worried about or working on. I have discovered recently that I can be totally irrational too. Here is an example - I desperately needed something that a "friend" had the other day and for a split second I thought of breaking into her house! HAHA! First of all - was it really "desperate"? Probably not, but it felt like it. It is like things eat me alive until I can resolve them.

Ok, so here is another example. There is a back road that leads out of my neighborhood to the main road. I take this back road very frequently. Well, a couple of months ago while on this road, I saw this "critter" hanging out in the tall grass. He was standing on his hind legs just looking around. He was about a foot and a half tall. At first I was thinking it was a prairie dog (hahahhahahahha), then it occurred to me that prairie dogs probably live on prairies. Then, I thought maybe it was a ground hog. That made more sense, so I went with that. I told Brad and he was like, "Um, yeah. Ok. Sure thing, Michele." So I felt kind of dumb and went on. Well, long story short, I have seen the little guy a few times. One time when I saw him, I even turned my van around in the middle of the road to go back to take his picture. Wouldn't you know it, by the time I could get back around to where he was, he ran away quicker than I could get my phone ready. Each time I tell people I have seen him, and they make me feel like a fruit loop. Well, the other day I was on the other side of town and guess what I saw? That's right, a ground hog (?). I almost wrecked my van. Seriously. Now I am wondering if I am imagining this stupid animal or if I am really seeing something like that in two different areas of town? It is actually making me feel like a lunatic.

Today, I took the kids to the dentist. Their dentist office is in the middle of town. There are a lot of commercial properties around. I was sitting on the couch in the waiting area and I hear a dog barking. I thought, oh my precious Jesus, now I am hearing dogs barking! When the little boy waiting near me said, "HEY! I hear a dog!!" I could have kissed him. LOL!

So I may be off my rocker. Maybe there really is a little ground hog hanging around town. Maybe I should keep these kinds of things to myself.


Michelle DiMaio said...

Don't know about NC, but we have ground hogs here in Upstate SC! There's actually one on the backroad into our neighborhood that plays hide and seek with us, too! It sits up on its hind legs watching traffic sometimes - sounds just like what you're seeing. Maybe you're not as crazy as you feared :)

Queen of Quite-a-Lot said...

I think there are ground hogs everywhere! They are nasty little creatures.. er, um, critters. I don't think you're crazy. Well, a little. But that's why I love you so.