Monday, August 24, 2009


Really, it doesn't matter because Jessica is already chosen for our family. She has been destined for our family since the beginning of time. But, I keep going back and forth about what age I hope she is. Some days, I want a four year old for sure. Most four year olds are totally potty trained. She and Julianna would be the same age. She can walk. Then I start thinking about babies, and I want her to be a baby. I read recently that the wait time for referrals is relatively short if you are willing to accept a child with an uncorrected special need, even for infants. I don't mind uncorrected needs at all, so I am hoping that works for us. I obviously am not expecting a quick referral. I am totally prepared to wait a while, but I can have hope right?

Anyway, I am just glad that I don't have to pick her exact age. I glad to know that God handles ALL the details, and whatever age she is will be the perfect age for us. I still wonder though...


Tara Anderson said...

I understand completely. :) It's so hard when you know NOTHING except that she is yours and that "one day" she'll be coming home. I'm fine with trusting God for the details...I just wish He would reveal a few more of them to me! LOL!

TanyaLea said...

Well, we all know that God is definitely into I wouldn't be surprised if He's unveiling them as we speak. I think he likes to lay them down in steps, so that we don't miss them. In time, you will reflect back upon this post and see how He paved the road, and how perfectly all of the pieces really did fit together. It is then you will stand in AWE of all that He has done! I love that you are trusting Him and laying it at His feet, knowing that indeed, He has already chosen the perfect child for your family. But I also know how very hard the 'wait' can be! I don't know what I would do without all of my bloggy connections...other than drive my family and friends crazy! No one quite understands like those of us who are either beginning the process, in the process, or have been through I know that each of you are a treasure that the Lord has given, so that we can be here to walk with one another prayerfully through our journeys! Continue to trust in Him, while making your requests known (afterall, He put those desires in your heart to begin with!) and He will see you through!
I.Thessalonians 5:24~
"The One who calls you is faithful. He will make it happen."

love & hugs,

Gavin's Family said...

I found your blog through ...In the waiting and I do know what you mean with being torn over the age of the little one your going to be bringing home. It has been one of the biggest battles I have been dealing with since our referral of our soon, even more so then his special needs. We had put that we wanted a 9mo. to 18mo. old and our son will be 3 when we get to China. There is also no doubt in my mind that this is the son God has chosen for us to raise. I wish you all the best as you seek God's heart on this matter.