Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Our summer road trip plans fell through recently, so I have been busy trying to find something else fun for the kids. At first, I thought we would go to the beach, then I remembered that my children are albino, so that wouldn't work. I have thought of a ton of wacky things, but nothing really sat well with me. So after I talked to Brad about it, we have decided to accompany him on a trip to Kentucky to the Creation Museum. He has been wanting to go for church related things for a while. So we decided to just do it. The awesome thing is Brad has money set aside in his salary that pays for trips like this, so we will only have to pay for food for the kids and me. We are excited. The Creation Museum is close enough to Ohio and Indiana, we will visit those two states too, just to say we've been there! FUN!

We also have free tickets to Carowinds. At some point after public school has let back in, we will do that too. Just a quick day trip. I think I will also try to throw in a quick trip home to Charleston. Then, at the end of September, Brad has another business trip in Clearwater, FL. You know I can't let him go to FL without us!

It is funny, we have sat home all summer, and we wait until the end to cram in a ton! The kids will be excited to go, go, go. Fortunately, they are great travelers, so I am not worried about them. The beauty of all of these trips is the cost. Everything is covered except for food! We have to eat regardless of where we are, so that isn't a issue.

I am excited. I have felt so bummed and discouraged lately, I think I will really enjoy getting out of town for a bit!

Yeah! I love family road trips!


Blondie said...

I wanna go to the creation museum, too!!! (pout)

Have a great time, guys!

Matthew said...

When are you guys going to the Creation Museum? Matt and I are going to be in Louisville at the end of August which is like 20 minutes from that.

Queen of Quite-a-Lot said...

The creation museum sounds awesome! I think you should still go to the beach! My kids are albino's too, I just use 60 SPF sunscreen and the boys have swim shirts. :o)
Have so much fun! What a nice "perk" that you can pretty much go for free!

Chasity said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. We have never been which is crazy to me...we have probably passed by it 20 times. I hope you really enjoy your time as a family. Road trips are a blast...I agree!