Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I started this as something completely different. As I finished up the post, I realized that Jesus was telling me to take a completely different route to share this story, so that is what I am doing...

What are the fruits of the spirit anyway? The term comes from Galatians 5:22-23, and it says that you will know someone is a Christian because they will exhibit these attributes: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

Hm. Self control. I struggle a bit with this one (well, with some others too, but we will save those for another day, lol). Here's a little story for you. Recently, I was given a new medication for migraine prevention. One of the side effects of this medication is weight loss. I am going to be honest, once I knew that, I no longer cared about the migraine part. I was so stoked that I could get a little pill that would make me lose weight and help prevent headaches too! So I ran took the prescription to the pharmacy to be filled.

So I started the medicine that night. I woke up Saturday morning and weighed. LOL. I don't really know what made me think it would work that quickly, but whatever. Anyway, over the course of the next few days, I started feeling very peculiar. I noticed that all soda tasted totally flat (GASP. What would I do with out my DEW?). My hands started tingling. No big deal, I was told to expect some of that. However, the more time went on, the more I started to flake out. I couldn't speak right. In the shower I tried to move my leg and only my foot moved. I constantly felt like I was drunk. It got worse and worse. Not to mention, my headaches were worse. I was so out of sorts, at one point during my bible study last Friday, I asked my friend if I was drooling on myself. LOL. I really felt like something was terribly wrong.

So I stopped taking it. I feel like a new person. Once the fog lifted, I started thinking. I was relying on a drug to make me have self control. I couldn't, or wouldn't, control myself. I knew the bible commanded it, and I wanted self control, but not if it meant I had to well, actually control myself. LOL. So I was excited that I finally was going to have something that made me. I wouldn't have to diet, I could just take this little pill, and I would just lose weight. I thought it would be that easy.

I wonder what Jesus would think of that? "Yeah, it is easy to be a Christian as long as I have a pill to make me behave like one. I can't do it on my own." I don't believe that attitude would make Him proud. I don't believe that is making any real sacrifice. We are to live as Christ, but what if we don't have a neat little pill to do it for us?

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the mommy. said...

That little pill sounds scary and I'm glad you stopped taking it. Yikes!
Your last line reminded me a similar quote I love. "If God were small enough for you to control, He would be too small to help you in times of need." I'm so glad that our God is bigger than a jagged little pill and can fix things much, much bigger than all the little pills in the world combined!