Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today I took a break from the computer. I feel like I waste so much time sitting with the laptop in my lap. So I shut 'er down. Honestly, I was productive, but not nearly as much as I thought. Turns out, I found many other useless things to waste time on. My daughter's corn rows being one of them.

That's right, corn rows. She watched Ni Hao, Kai-lan and I braided her hair. She actually looked darn cute for a gangsta.

Look at her:

Of course, after hours of having tight little corn rows, her hair was a hot mess. As crazy as it was, she loved it "curly". Remember going to bed with braids so when you woke up, it would be "curly"? That is one of my favorite childhood memories. Anywho...check her out:

Don't be jealous.


Blondie said...

She does look cute (both ways).

I was laughing as I was thinking about corn-rowing my own hair. Imagine this, as much hair as I have (that would be a thick ton): I would either have thousands of tiny rows or just have a few rows that looked like strips of doo-doo on my head!

sorry, I am snarky and punchy. Andrew managed to misplace the Wii Fit disc and I can't do my "workout." The one thing I want to do for me...

the mommy. said...

She's so cute and she's SO your clone! Thing 1 always goes to bed with braids so her hair will be curly. Cute memories. :o)

Computer breaks are a good thing. Since my media fast, I don't gravitate to the computer as soon as my eyes open and get so much more done! It's been really nice. Ditching lame message boards has helped a lot, too. But, we've had that convo. ;o)

Amber said...

LOL I love her hot mess! She IS your clone. Beautiful ladies!!!

Haley said...

I love it! But it really has me questioning if China is the right adoption area for a girl with your mad skillz. I think a little brown baby should be in your future! LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL. That brought back many memories of me as a chid. :)

She looks cute...with a hint of black in her. :)