Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have a kitchen full of groceries to put away and children waiting to be homeschooled, but all of that can wait! I have to share two HUGE things that happened this week.

First of all, most of you know that my mom had a colonoscopy done on Friday that revealed a large, malignant polyp. The doctor that did the test was 100% sure that the polyp was cancerous. He is a very good doctor. If he said he saw cancer, you can believe there was cancer there. So he biopsied it. The report came back on Tuesday. We were preparing for surgery and possibly chemo (per the doctor). Well, what the doctor didn't realize is we serve a HEALING Jesus who is bigger than cancer. The report revealed a BENIGN polyp. All I could do when I heard, was laugh. YIPPEE JESUS!

Secondly, a little girl of a good friend of ours has been having headaches. The little girl, Olivia, is one of Julianna's most favorite friends (she is one of mine too! I love that little girl!) I blogged about her in February. They took her for an MRI (or CT scan, I am not exactly sure) on Monday and they found a cyst. So they wanted to repeat the test today with contrast (to light every thing up in her brain). I just called her mom to find out how it went. She said they saw NOTHING. It is gone! YIPPEE JESUS!

I am just so humbled and grateful. To see Jesus move in such a way, I am at a loss for words. Praise Him for his mercy.

See? I told you He moves mountains! All you have to do it ask! A few people I have told these things too has said they were so relieved that the doctors were wrong. That is the thing - they weren't wrong. My loved ones were HEALED! YIPPEE JESUS!


Anonymous said...

Very VERY awesome.

I'm so glad to hear your mom is fine and well and so is Anna's friend.

Stories like these is what everyone needs to share, like you said IT WAS THERE...but Jesus healed it...all you have to do is pray and ask....and believe!


GO...put your groceries away! :)


Von said... were happy to be contributing to the budget, right? You are a very smart woman so I know you will also figure a way to get your iphone.. counting on it... you can do it!!! I'm sure.(I'm also a trouble maker)..hehe

Von said...

Oh goodness.. my response was inadvertently posted to this blog.. Should have been on the next..hopefully you'll understand ..
Will add this... Am very happy to know Debbie will be fine and also little Olivia. Have been out of town and apparently not very well on target with your blogs. Soooo happy for the answered prayers.
Now - my previous blog goes to your next blog..

Frankie said...

WOOHOO! That is an awesome praise!