Saturday, April 11, 2009


It is a darn good thing this child is so cute because if he wasn't, he would have gotten a lot of beatings today. This morning, I found him in the den with my *brand new* lipstick, which he had taken out of the box, and twisted it all the way up, with the lid still on. He, then, proceeded to take the lid off and play with the lipstick itself.

I would guess an hour later, the great cupcake debacle '09 took place. Let me back up a little. I was suppose to make cupcakes for our church Easter egg hunt today. Well, at 8:30 last night, I remembered this. I get the batter made, and I realized that I didn't have the paper cups. I had to head to Walmart in the monsoon we were having at 9 PM (!!) to get the cups. Of course, I couldn't find them anywhere. I walked the entire store. Finally, a very nice lady directed me to where they were located (in the paper towels and toilet paper. Stupiddddd, I know). I buy two packages, head back home in the monsoon, and get the cupcakes made. This morning, I put sprinkles on them and packed them up for church. Well, I had a little bit of time, so I decided to change the sheets on my bed. During that time, I hear Brad yell from the den. I go running downstairs, and I encounter this:

That's right. My sweet, angelic looking little boy, got them off the counter, tossed them around a bit, carried them to the den, and then threw them on the floor. When I saw what he had done, I couldn't say a word. I literally turned around, and went back to my room. I felt so overwhelmed and like I was going to flip out at any second. I didn't lose my cool though. I just took a few deep breaths and moved on.

My other two little ones never did this sort of thing. They were both angels. I should have known that at some point, if I kept having kids one of them would turn out like my dad. That time is now. I have a feeling I will end up having to beat the "Michael" out of him eventually! HAHA! His cuteness sure got him off scot free today though.


Blondie said...

First, I LOVE the chick background!

Second, you have much more control than I do. I'm not sure I could have turned and walked away!

Third, I always here you pay for your raising (not true for us, as Jeff and I were angels and our two are running us ragged!) so...tell us...he's really like Brad, right? lol.

Fourth, Happy Easter!

the mommy. said...

It must be a 3rd child thing. Even all messy, your cupcakes looked delicious and beautiful!

Von said...

Little Jameson has such an innocent look on his face. He just could not be punished...especially at Easter time. hehehehe
Love you all

Angie said...

He IS too stinkin' cute!