Monday, April 20, 2009


Today is a little bit of a let down. Back to reality, I suppose. The last few days have been awesome. Of course, after an awesome weekend, Monday always rolls around ready to suck the joy out of life again. LOL!

Brad has been so busy the last few months, time "off" for him has consisted of a few hours around 10pm. This past week though, he got off early on Thursday and was home for the whole weekend. We stayed home and hung out. It really was the best weekend that I recall in a long time.

We got a bunch of stuff done, inside and outside the house. We worked and played in the yard most of the day Friday and Saturday. We planted azaleas, petunias and jasmine. We put out some mulch and cut the grass. We cleaned inside our house really well too. Yesterday, all of our work was done and we just hung out. Actually, we played Trivial Pursuit on the wii. It was so much fun! Honestly, I was pretty excited because Brad only beat me by a little. We were neck and neck the whole time. I honestly thought he would kill me in that game, but he didn't. So that was fun!

All in all, it was great. Then today rolls around. Somehow in the matter of 2 hours that my family has been awake, my house is trashed again. Kids are fighting. Laundry is piled up. Dog is barking at air. It is chaos all over again. What happened?

The reason I am posting this useless post is really just to kill time. Avoid the chaos happening around me.

I will have to face it all soon, though. We have a busy week ahead. Tonight, providing it doesn't rain, Jackson has his first teeball game. Tomorrow, we are going with the Senior Adults to Grandfather Mountain, in Linville, NC. On Wednesday morning we are going to a minor league baseball game with our homeschooling group. Then on Thursday, we leave for Charleston for the weekend. So today is my only day to tackle all of my work. Plus have school, teeball, etc... I suppose I need to get off the couch, eh?

Yeah, I need to get up now for sure. I just heard Julianna yell from the den, "Stop grabbing my butt." Lovely.


Blondie said...

We're on "spring break" this week! We are in Alabama, and my biggest decisions today are: at which WalMart to shop (remember, I only shop there when I am here), where to eat for lunch (and dinner, every meal out this week - joy), and when to watch the Twilight DVD I just reserved at Redbox. Life is tough.

(Yes, I joined the Twilight bandwagon on Thursday. I started the third book last night.)

Frankie said...

Hang in there! I hope you have a great trip this weekend!