Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What is it with my child and lipstick? God, please don't let my little boy's obsession with lipstick have some hidden meaning. I guess I wont be surprised if he comes to me when he grows up, tells me he swings the other way and he has known since he was two. Anyway, he knew exactly where to go found my lipstick again. This time, however, he graduated from regular lipstick to Revlon *Color Stay*. Color. Stay. You know, I didn't realize this at the time, but I guess this post can also be a product rave. If you want lipstick that really stays on all day, buy Revlon Color Stay. It really does STAY. Well here is Bozo the Clown Jameson, all made up:

The question is this - does he have that foul look on his face because he got caught? Or because he realized, too late, that Revlon #545 isn't his color after all?

And for kicks, this is how my sweet little girls walks around the house all the time:

And just in case you want the whole package (yes, complete with turtle neck and hot pink hair bow):

I know these days are precious. I know they will be gone in the blink of an eye. I am just trying to soak it all in. They are so sweet!


Stacie said...

LMAO!!!! Poor Jameson...maybe he's just trying to channel his inner chinese girl to get more attention?...ok, I'm reaching. That is so funny though! Mostly because it's not my lipstick...not that I have any lipstick. The closest I have is a peppermint lip tint that Myatt won't go near. Hehehe!

Blondie said...

Yeah, that ColorStay stuff does stay...

I don't think there are any issues yet unseen! Will just asked for Bare Mineral Bisque on his face, too, while i was getting ready this morning. This boy knows how to get women and slightly older girls to pay attention to him, so if he wants a little make-up, that's okay!

Julianna reminds me of Kate Doman with her flair for "style."

I bet Jackson just sits back and rolls his eyes at the craziness, doesn't he? (as I am sure his dad does, too)

Amber said...

He is so darn precious!

Amber said...

How could I forget Julianna? I LOVE those shoes! :) I can't wait until Jianna wants to start dressing up

Frankie said...


Someday you'll look back on this and laugh. I think. Save the pictures for the photo montage you'll make for his wedding someday. This is something his future wife might want to be aware of. ;o)

Frankie said...

Oops, I forgot about JuJu, too! She's the cutest girly girl! I love the feathery shoes and the turtleneck. What a fasionista!

Anonymous said...


Cameron is obbessed and I do mean obbessed with chapstick. He LOVES IT.

The way Anna is dressed...Cameron does that..?!?! She looks like a HOT MESS in that outfit!! :) :)

I love it though-they are precious!