Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The money I made from selling my bag finally cleared my checking account. Well, I mistakenly told Brad this. He decided that we should take that money to "open the pool". Um, hello? The pool? I don't even like the pool. Ugh. I understand the point behind that, but I had big plans for my $170. Like maybe a new iphone, haha! Wait, didn't I just say we have new priorities? I just love the iphone so muchhhhhh (make sure you read that with my whine attached, 'cause that's how I am saying it).

Ok, so I came to my senses. I did not get a new phone yet. I did agree that opening the pool would be the best way to spend the money. My kids would be so very excited. They all really enjoy having the pool. So, being the sacrificial (and frugal) mom that I am, I started researching chlorine and stuff to find the best price. After some looking, I found some good deals and I officially placed the order.

I would say about 5 minutes later, I happened to look out the window, and it was flippin' snowing. Snowing. In April. After I *just* bought all the stuff to open the stupid pool. UGH. And to think, I could have already been texting all my peeps on my new iphone. But nooooooo. I just bought chemicals for a pool that will never open. I am bitter, very bitter.


angie said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

How funny is that?! For the record it's freezing in Charleston too. Right now it's 8am and 39 out. I'm SO cold.

I hope your pool will open soon!



Blondie said...

oh, the joys of living in/close to the mountains! (Of course, it currently 39 degrees here!)

Good for you for choosing the practical (even if Brad had to "encourage" it)!

Amber said...

yes, snow in April. WTH??? Have you done the research on the iphone? I might be wrong. Ha Ha...I can't believe I just said that...but I believe there are a lot features that it does not have that I personally would miss...xoxo I love you!

Frankie said...

You're the best! I bet y'all will be swimming in that pool before April is over. Stupid spring snow!
Speaking of texting your peeps, I have not seen a text from you in quite some time. I feel so unloved. *le sigh*

Mark said...

Can't blame you for wanting a new iphone (I have the first gen) and I LOVE it. snowing after ordering pool supplies WOW.