Thursday, February 26, 2009


My little Julianna is convinced she is getting a sister from China. I mean really convinced. She has plans for this sister, whom she has named Jessica. They will share a room, painted pink, of course. She has also decided that they will sleep together in a queen bed instead of getting two twin beds. Bless her heart, she talks about this "sister" as if she is on her way home. I tried to explain to her that daddy said we can't adopt a little girl from China. So she decided we will just pray about it and that is what we have done.
Anyway, so this may be why she wants a sister from China:

All of the child's friends are Chinese! With the exception of one other little girl, ALL of her friends are Chinese. She is surrounded! No wonder she wants a Chinese sister of her own. Maybe she thinks it would be like having Clara or Olivia over all the time. Maybe she doesn't realize that she wouldn't get to be the only princess anymore. I don't know, I really think she does understand. So we will just have to keep praying, isn't that right Juju?


Blondie said... sweet they all are.

The down side to all of her plans is that (by the time daddy agrees) there may be a huge age gap (like my boys).

Come on, Brad! Give Juju her baby princess dreams!!!

Michele said...

I know, they are sweet aren't they?

My plan (hope) is to adopt an older child. Possibly even special needs. Ideally I would *love* a little girl 5 or so. I keep telling myself that God knows our hearts, and he knows who Jessica is. *If* she is meant to be in our family, then she has already been chosen. Hand picked for us. Our prayer is that she is someone close to Julianna in age - give or take 4 years either direction. He's in control. I have to rest in that. IF IT EVEN HAPPENS!

Haley said...

Julianna is totally feeling the quote I found....
“Faith is putting all your eggs in God's basket, then counting your blessings before they hatch.”
She it too sweet!