Friday, February 20, 2009


Being the cyber stalker that I am, it is no surprise that I stumbled across this sweet blog. I enjoy reading Kim's blog, her children are adorable! Anyway she is having a giveaway, and I thought you, my devoted readers (yes, all five of you!) would love to enter. She is giving way one of these cute little hair clips!

If you win, you can totally have it personalized with your little girls name and your color choice! So head over to Kim's blog to enter! Even if you have little boys and don't need a cute little hair clip, visit her blog anyway! You will leave blessed!

A side note: I have been stalking Kim's blog for a little while. I followed her journey to get gorgeous little Vivi Jo in China. While she was there, I had friends there bringing home their little girl, Macy, as well. Well, China is a big country so I never thought that these two families would have ever crossed paths. When my friends got home, they were telling me all about their travels. They said that they had met this great family with a precious little boy and a new little girl. The more they talked, the more I put it together. After a couple of minutes, I said, "Are you talking about Vivi Jo??" My friend about fell on the floor laughing. Turns out they had met, and really enjoyed each others company. Too funny. It did make me feel less like a stalker, since I actually knew someone who knew Kim and her family. Funny, eh? For the record, the people I "stalk" are people who have adopted from China. You all know where my heart is, and I have to live vicariously through them. So I really am not a crazy person. Really.


Heather said...

Such a cool story & not unusual in the adoption community. My heart seems to blog stalk others who have also adopted from China as well. It's so addicting.

Your kiddos are just precious. Love the pictures from Disney. When we were there last year, Zoe actually had the pleasure of hanging out with Mulan for about a half an hour. It wasn't arranged ahead of time or anything. We were just looking around in China at Epcot & Mulan came up & took her hand & led her to the courtyard. So neat. Kind of made Disney worth the trip!!!! (As my husband says - Been there, done that. We don't need to go back!!!!)

Jnet said...

You can just let us be the judge of whether you are "crazy" or not!

Anonymous said...

I'm a stalker too..and I stalk you all the time. :)