Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To go or not to go?

Most of you know that I am in Orlando on vacation. We are having a blast. Well, Universal Studios has this Halloween thing called Halloween Horror Nights and I think I want to go. It looks pretty intense and honestly, I am skeered. I was feeling pretty balls-y until I got down here and started seeing the commercials. This years theme is Bloody Mary. The commercial on tv is a girl getting dressed at a vanity - she looks zombie-ish and she is putting blood on her lips. In her mirror is a normal looking guy looking into his mirror saying, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" when all of a sudden zombie girl breaks through his mirror screaming.

Why would I even entertain the thought of going to this? I am a scaredy cat for real. Have I lost my mind? My sister in law is coming down here for a few days and she actually agreed to go with me. Are we crazy? It looks so scarey! The entire Universal Studios theme park is transformed into multiple haunted houses and scare zones. Imagine a movie studio setting up a haunted house - how real it might seem. Now think of that times 6. Thats how many haunted houses they will have. Not to mention how scarey the scare zones will be.

I think I will end up wimping out. If only I could talk my man into going, so he could protect me (hahahahahaha). If you want to check it out, here ya go. Tell me what you think... http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/orlando/index.html?ref


Blondie said...

Big chicken, here. I wouldn't go, but I also would not even be contemplating going - refer back to the first sentence!

BTW, can I tell you how JEALOUS I am that you are at Disney? I hope you are planning to blog a trip report! I leave in six weeks for my girls' weekend at Disney.

Enjoy, and tell THE MOUSE that we said, "Hi!"

Anonymous said...


You HAVE to go too it..thats 90% of the reason you went to FL this time!!!

Go for ME!! You know I would be there-with bells on!! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm SOOO happy to hear you went!!

Thanks for the text...I think you are heading home today...so let me know how it turned out!!! Hope you guys have a great trip.