Friday, September 19, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes.

So my not even 18 month old said "Holla" today. Ok, that makes me laugh out loud just typing it. Holla. He can't say daddy, but he can bust out, HOLLA! Oh lord, that is funny. My little girl says it too. I overheard her tell Jackson today, "I have more paint that you, HOLLA!" What have I done to them? Clearly it is my fault.

The other day Julianna and I were going somewhere and she told me to shut the freakin door. I gasped! Apparently they hear everything. I guess it is time for me to watch what I say. It is terrible that my three year old has a potty mouth already. She has never said an actual curse word, so that is good, I suppose. Although, at this rate, it wont be long. If she keeps it up, I am going to have to wash her mouth out with soap. Guess how many times I heard that as a kid? Lots, I tell you, lots. I don't think my mom actually ever followed through. Though it seems she should have. Holla!


Anonymous said...

Sigh. I love it. LOL.

Cameron says the darnest things too and guess where he got it from? Yep..Momma.

Cameron has said a curse one..only one but want stop saying it at times.."damnit". Like 6months ago I turned the TV off by mistake..and I was watching a good part and whispered damnit! He laughed and repeated it. I said no don't say he didn't but now when the freakin TV is turned off he yells damnit! Sigh.

Other things are "oh my gosh, oh my JESUS, holy freakin moly"...

Maybe he should be in daycare?!! LOL!


Blondie said...

It could be least it's just "freakin'"!

Fortunately, I have never said anything REALLY BAD in front of my kids. The problem now is that Andrew is older, and was long ago "allowed" to say things like, "Darn it" or "Crap". Well, now we are having to backtrack because of Baby Will. It is bad (but hilariously funny) to hear a 2 yo say, "Crap" over and over again!

Replying to your comment about Will's looks: I never thought that we would/could produce a blonde child! He has extremely dark brown eyes like Jeff, and he has Jeff's "shy" personality. Basically, Andrew got Jeff's body and my personality, Will got my body (he wears a size 12 shoe!) and Jeff's personality. Thank you, though, we, too, think that he is adorable!