Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am a horrible mother.

Jackson has been growing his hair out for a little while now. It really has gotten pretty long. His bangs were about to his lip, but not quite long enough to tuck behind his ears. Well, I have been trying to teach him how to take care of it, and it has NOT gone well. All I wanted was for him to comb it, just comb it. He whined that he couldn't do it every time I reminded him . Well, today I had enough. It looked terrible, so I cut it. It actually looks really nice now. I did an awesome job (especially considering I went to nursing school, not cosmetology school). When I was finished he went in the bathroom to check it out. This would be when it, and you know what I mean by it, hit the fan. He *freaked* out. He was crying and carrying on like I scalped him. He didn't it want it that short, he wanted it long. He hollars, "I can't take it!", like I was torturing him somehow. He even told me he was going to pray to Jesus to help him. I sure hope he isn't expecting Jesus to replace it by morning. Anyway, it was quite dramatic here for a while. Remember that old show, Sanford and Son? He had one of those moments, "ELIZABETH, I am coming to join you ELIZABETH!" all while clutching his chest. Picture it, will ya? Anyway, he eventually calmed down. He said he wasn't mad at me (thank GOODNESS!). I gotta tell ya, if I had of known that was how he was going to act, I would have let him grow it to his toes before I cut it. Here is the before:

And here is the horrible, help me Jesus, haircut:

Oh, how I mistreat him. Please don't call Child Protective Services! I promise to never cut is hair again!


Blondie said...

You bad mother, you!

Here's our hair cut story:
Andrew's hair was "long" by his standards (remember that he has hair like a chia pet). He wanted to let it grow until the end of August. I tried and tried to get him to have it cut before then, but he wasn't having any of it. Sometime during the middle of August, Jeff found a tick on his leg. That was all it took. Andrew wanted his hair GONE because he didn't want to have a tick and not know it for months due to his long, chia pet hair!

From now on, the tick excuse is my friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh I laughed reading this!

Found you on the blog network (facebook.) I'll be back for some more laughs when i have time. Great blog! xo