Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I realized something today...

I am a friend of a friend. I am no one's original friend. I am always the acquaintance, never the true friend. I wonder why that is? Sure I have close friends of my own, but it seems most of the people I know, are friends only because of other people. I swear it is just like high school. Between facebook and myspace, it is like a freakin reunion. Somehow, it is like history repeats itself. So and so are great friends, and I know them both, so we are "friends" on facebook or myspace. However, honestly, they wouldn't notice if I deleted them.

You know, now that I think about it, I am not the original friend with my close friends either. I am the “friend”, never the best friend, or the first choice friend. I am the person that people seem to like being around, but I am not the person they tell their secrets too. Or the person they exchange Christmas gifts with.

Another example is blogs I follow - I read a ton of other people’s blogs, but I am fairly certain those people don't read mine. Everyone’s blog has a list of other blogs they follow – I am never on that list.

I am not saying all of this because it makes me sad, or whatever. I just think it is interesting that all of the people I stalk on the internet, they have no clue who I am, and even if they do know who I am, I am certain they don't care. For what it’s worth, I am totally ok with the role I play in other people’s lives.

Maybe I should start my own clique, make my own friends. Maybe I should try harder to be THE friend. The glue, if you will. The trunk of the tree instead of a leaf (yeah, I am currently not even a branch). A cool new clique that everyone wants to be a part of, that is what I will do. Maybe I could make fliers to hand out at the grocery store, or staple them to a telephone pole. Maybe I could hold auditions? The possibilities are endless. I am going to post an update to this post in two months. And for the three people that read this, if you are super nice to me, I might let you in my cool new group.


Meredith said...

Well Michele, I am new to the blog world and found your blog on a blogroll somewhere and I totally understand how you feel being the 'friend of a friend'. I am in the same situation. Also...my son and I co-sleep. I don't know where Crapville, NC is, but here in Mooresville, NC it's kinda hard to meet new people. Good Luck to you.

Michele said...

Hey! Thanks for reading! Honestly with my children, I don't have time to be THE friend anyway! haha! Actually I live between Winston Salem and Boone. Only an hour from Mooresville! I go there when I want to go to SuperTarget!

Thanks for the comment!

Haley said...

I am officially offended!
What about me? Do I not get any recognition because I am not in the same state as you?
You are my only "friend" and if I don't have that then I have nothing.

Please excuse me while I cry myself to sleep. :(

Stacie said...

Well Pthhht on you!

Hey....when's a good weekend to meet at the zoo? You up for it? :-D Getting off my duff for a weekend trip is a bit more than I can go for at the moment :-x

Pam said...

What? You are my greatest and only friend ever! Your the only one I can be "myself" around and that says alot. Your the best!!

Tonya said...

Very interesting blog.

You and I were somewhat talking about this yesterday with "my friend".

I don't really think I have a "good friend". I SO wished I did.

I feel in a way you are my friend..yet you are my sister. Does that count?? Who knows.

I go to you with ALL my problems before I do anyone else.

Maybe our parents should divorce and we could be "real" friends? :)

Karen Pope said...

Well, your blog is one of the reasons why I even started blogging myself. I think I've said before that I enjoy reading your blog, your sense of humor, your passion for your children (mine drive me NUTS some days!!), and your outlook on life. Since it's been years since we've really talked, I can "hear" your voice in everything you write. Always thought you were a cool friend; BTW, not sure how we met, but I'm glad we did!

Blondie said...

Michele, Michele - how I have missed you!

I wish we had been better friends when we actually lived in the same county. That is one of my regrets - who knew we had so much in common until the end.

I stalk TONS of blogs myself. I will add you to my blogroll - as one of my posts said, I am technologically illiterate in that I usually mess something up when I try to add/fix anything.

Now I'll have to sit and think. Am I THE friend or the secondary friend? Of course, with me, it won't matter anyway because I am happy either way!

Maybe if y'all meet at the zoo, we can go, too!