Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello 1990, I have missed you.

Somehow, someway, I have stepped back in time - 18 years (gasp!). So I am sitting on the couch watching 90210 on TV, and trying to plan a trip to see New Kids on the Block in concert. I am dead serious. Completely dead serious.

What is wrong with me? Am I 15 again? No, not 15. 33. Thirty freakin three. Watching the remake of 90210 is making me realize how old, how old and fat I am. Praise God girls didn't look like that when I was in high school. At least Jennie Garth is back on, and she is older than me. Of course, she looks fabulous, and skinny. And fabulous. And young. But still older. Well big difference between now and 18 years ago, is they can say "puss" on air now. And I don't mean they are referring to a cat.

I am seriously trying to plan a trip to Charlotte to see New Kids on the Block in concert too. I am getting my tight rolled jeans, big (and I mean way big) bangs, and red lipstick ready. Yeah, I am hangin tough. Jealous?


Stacie said...

I seriously considered trying to win concert tickets for you from my radio station. But then realized that was a lot of work and I just wasn't up for it. And I was afraid Brad might come after me if I encouraged you running off with your old flames. Hehe.

Blondie said...

33. Yeah, that's old (remember, I am 38) but think of this: Jeff will be FORTY in November. Ask me where I will be...yes, Disney World!

Big bangs - I should send you some of my high school pictures. Ah, the Aquanet days - and I don't even own a can of hairspray now!

BTW, I would not consider you fat. 133? That's the lower half of my body, thank you! Just kidding (well, sort of), please don't become anorexic like my goofy sister!

NKOTB - never a fan, but my sister was (she's 37). 90210 - never watched it until reruns, and now I have seen the whole series at least three times!
I must have missed the new one - read about it, forgot to watch. Such is my life.