Thursday, April 21, 2011


Maybe you noticed my side bar updates------------------------>
if so, let me share a few things:

1. The Sparrow Fund - just click the picture and it will take you directly to The Sparrow Fund website. Thanks to TSF, we will be using CHOP to review Willa's medical file. I am so relieved to know this! They are accepting applications for grants - if you are waiting for a referral, go to TSF and apply! They are doing a great work!

2.  April is coming to a close, and our Baby Bobo fundraiser is too. If you haven't placed an order and plan to, now is your chance! Also, for the month of May, Baby Bobo will be raising funds for The Sparrow Fund, so April and May are great months to make a purchase! You get a beautiful baby blanket (or bib or pillow) and you help raise money for families adoption children!

3.  My fundraising thermometer keeps growing in the goal funds area, and that's because our fees keep growing. Sigh. I did change the goal to reflect the total amount needed, and not just what we are short. So that is why it is so much higher. But notice I also changed the amount we currently have! So that is good news! Jesus keeps providing!

So that is it for the side bar. I do also want to share that we got an email from our agency today telling us that the new shared list will be out Monday night. They also shared some new statistics with us, so it is nice to be somewhat clued in to this process. Anyway, I believe our agency matches families based on log in dates, so we should be near the top of the list. Our log in is 2/4/10. So hopefully that puts us at an advantage.

Please, please pray with us. I want my Father's will above all else. I want His timing. However, He also tells us that He gives us the desires of our hearts. So with that in mind, here are some specific things, if you don't mind:

1. Please pray that Willa is on THAT LIST! There are many reasons we are asking that - 1. We just want to see our daughter's face. 2. We are still hopeful to avoid the new fees (almost $4000). 3. We are just so ready to be done with this process. 4. The longer it takes to be matched, the longer my little girl has to live in a orphanage.

2. Please pray for the money we are short. As you can see, it is still around $21,000. That does include that new fee, so maybe less.

3. Please pray for Willa as she waits.

Thanks guys! Hopefully this time next week, I will be starring at a beautiful little Chinese face plastered all over my house! LOL!


The Raudenbush Family said...

Praying Willa is on this next list and that you get that call you have been waiting so long for. Praying that you are also overwhelmed by God's provision for you during this season!!!

Carrie said...

I will be praying!!

Ashley said...

Of course I am praying!

Margy said...

Praying for you and your family... I know exactly how you feel!