Friday, April 1, 2011


What a week! I am still in absolute awe of the work that Jesus has done this week! Our Thirty One fundraiser came to a close. Thank you to everyone that helped by placing an order. The amount we raised was $165.00!! Thank you so much to Michelle, who so generously offered to host the fundraiser for us.  What a blessing!

Also, we received an anonymous gift from someone at church for $300.00!!  Woo hoo! Isn't that awesome? I couldn't believe it! What a precious church family we have!

Then, we received a generous gift of $1000.00!!!!! Can you believe it? I am in absolute awe of Jesus' provision. I simply am in shock at the way He has worked on our behalf. I tell you, Jesus' heart if for the orphan. If you take that first step in faith, He will do the rest. He has proven Himself glorious and faithful, time and time again through our journey. The best part? He isn't finish. He is saving the best for last. He has moved mountains on our behalf and the behalf of my little one waiting in China. 

So our grand total this week is $1465.00!! 

Just when you think surely He is done blessing us - He shows us He is never done! I have another wonderful answer to prayer. You know, I have posted many times about travel and how I longed for my family to be with me. If you remember, it was all of us traveling, or me having to travel alone again. Well, we are still planning for all of us to travel. That is just where my heart is, but we do have a plan B. A plan B that I feel really good about. My mom is unable to take off two consecutive weeks of work, so that has never been an option for us. However, we talked last week and we have figured out a "loophole"! LOL! She has offered to take off three days the first week we are gone, while my stepdad takes off two. Then the next week, they will flip it. It really is the perfect solution if the children can't travel with us. Actually, Anna will still travel with us like last time. The boys would stay with my parents. I would feel awful leaving them, but they would really do well with my parents. I decided to sit down and talk with Jackson about the possibility of him not traveling. He said to me, gosh, it brings tears to my eyes thinking of it. He said, "Mom. We can stay with Bubba (my mom) and Papa. We will do whatever it take to get that baby sister home!!" I just bawled! Bless his sweet little heart. I know they would have a great time. Honestly, it would be the easier thing to do. The thought of my boys in China... well, it would be a challenge. LOL. Totally worth it, but a challenge nonetheless. Hehe. 

So all of that to say, my husband is going to China with me!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! I can tell he is looking forward to it too. He keeps saying, "When I get to China, I am eating duck!" Or, "When I get to China, I am going to see the Great Wall!" I can not tell you how relieved I am. Seriously, everytime I think of it, I just can't stop grinning!

So the Lord is working BIG TIME for our family! Now I just need to get a referral!! LOL!

Thank you Jesus!


Cheri said...

Michelle, how wonderful! And, about that sweet son of yours....send him my daughter's way when he is of marrying age. I pray you get your referral soon!

Tara said...

Oh my gosh! This is awesome! I'm so glad that Brad gets to go with you to China!

Stephanie said...

Oh, that's just wonderful!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Such great news--the additional funds coming in, the blessing of knowing your children will be cared for well...all seems to be falling in place! Can't wait to keep hearing how God is providing and who He brings into your family!

Ashley said...

This is just incredible!!

Tara Anderson said...

Oh, Michele...our God is GOOD!!! I'm praising him along with you!!!!