Sunday, April 17, 2011


We got some great news this week! First of all, we received our I-800A approval yesterday. We are approved through July 11, 2012. I have to be honest, if we do not have Willa home by then, I will need to be hospitalized, complete with straight jacket.  LOL! For all of you USCIS stalkers - our receipt date was 3/11, fingerprint date 4/11.  So, that was pretty quick! We have a super nice officer, so maybe that helped? I don't know, but it is nice for something to go smoothly. It's also nice to have that and my homestudy update done and behind us.

Also, I have a huge praise! Last time we had a referral reviewed by a medical doctor, we got a great report. In fact, she said that it would be a "happily ever after" case. Well, clearly she was wrong. Very wrong. So I have been nervous about who we would use when we got another referral. I have done research and it is quite expensive to have a full medical review. Now, don't get me wrong, it is totally worth it. It is a necessity. But, it was a necessity we couldn't afford.  Anyway, not long ago, we heard about The Sparrow Fund. It is a organization that offers grants to families for medical reviews! You don't have to use their list of hospitals. You get to pick the medical professional to review your referral. If you are awarded a grant, then The Sparrow Fund pays for your medical review. How wonderful is that? It is such a load off a pre-adoptive parent's mind knowing they can have that resource available.

Well, guess what? We were awarded a grant! I am so relieved! We have chosen Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  They have an international adoption program and come highly recommended. They offer pre-adoption support, travel support, and post adoption report. I have been in contact already, and they are so nice and helpful! What a weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that when we do get a referral, I have an awesome team of doctors lined up, ready to help!

Praise Jesus! His provision continues to amaze me. I know I often have pity parties for myself. Sometimes I doubt that things are moving forward for us, then my sweet Abba shows me that He has been moving and working all along.  He is never late! We got the grant just in time for the new shared list release! Isn't that a hoot?

We are ready Lord! Show me my girl!


Valerie and Jeff said...

That is such great news Michele! I had not heard of The Sparrow Fund until last week when I was contacted by Kelly from We Are Grafted In ... she is organizing a fundraiser for them with many, many small businesses (ie: like really small in the case of my skirt company Ruffled Feathers)--but along with these many other businesses, I'm thrilled to say that Ruffled Feathers Skirt Company will be donating 10% of all skirt/dress sales in May to The Sparrow Fund! I'm so very hopeful that these proceeds will help beautiful families like your own realize a very special dream and God's very special plan! (And it's SO cool to know that YOU will be benefiting so soon!)

The Raudenbush Family said...

Such a joy to see you get the grant. I know you will be so blessed by it.

The Sparrow Fund is introduced on WAGI today - go check it out and leave a comment there!

Cheri said...

How neat! Everything is in place for your referral. I will be praying for you.

Carrie said...

What amazing news! I am so happy for you guys!!! Will be praying your Willa is on the new list!

Beth said...

Praying you get a tremendous Easter gift of the sight of your beautiful daughter.