Thursday, August 26, 2010


I was in desperate need of new jeans.  All of my jeans are fat girl, mom jeans. I knew with fall just around the corner (how can that be, btw?), I could not endure another season with the hideous jeans in my closet.

So when I got an email from Gap for 30% off, I heard heavenly music playing. It was time. So the kids and I set off to Winston Salem to the mall. Just as a side note, it still hurts my feelings that I have to drive an hour to go to the mall, but that is neither here nor there, I suppose. Anyway, so I get to Gap and started trying on jeans. I found some awesome ones that I love. And guess what??? They were a whole size smaller than I thought I was going to have to buy!

Isn't that awesome? Oh and I had $30 in Gap reward dollars!!  So it was a great time to buy!

New jeans, $59.50.
Total savings, $47.85.
Getting a size 6, PRICELESS!


The Milfords said...

Way to go skinny minnie! I got that coupon too and plan on using it this weekend. I wonder if I have gone down a size.....One can dream!

Tara Anderson said...

A size 6? Okay, I officially hate you...either that or I need to go try on some Gap jeans and see if they make me skinny, too! :) I love a good deal, and I love the feeling of a new pair of jeans! I stocked up at the Eddie Bauer outlet about a month ago during a mega sale and I can't wait to get into them...which will definitely be after we lose all these 100 degree days!

Blondie said...

Good for you!

I think a size 6 will fit on my thigh... :P

Tara. said...

I hate you, miss size 6!

Just kidding! That's awesome! You deserved a little pick-me-up!

Sara said...

Size 6, I would totally rejoice with you!

Delighted to meet you. Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a great spot to slip of my shoes and soak in some serious goodness.