Saturday, August 21, 2010


Remember in my last post that said I couldn't seem to find Peace, even though I knew where to look? Well, yesterday, after I posted that, I had a long "talk" with my hubby.  Throughout all of this, I have not really cried. I would cry here or there, but mostly, I just ached. Well, yesterday I finally had that release that I so needed. I cried harder than I have cried in a very long time. 

After that, I just felt better. It was very cleansing. Anyway, fast forward to last night, I stumbled across Isaiah 43:18 -19. It says: 18 -Do not remember the past events, pay no attention to things of old. 19 - Look, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it? 

Well then. No Lord, I did not see it. Thank you for reminding me that YOU are still on the throne! YOU are still working on our behalf! The funny thing about this particular scripture is it from Isaiah 43. Over a year ago, before Brad came to me and said he felt we were suppose to adopt, I clung to a specific scripture. Guess where it was? Yeah, Isaiah 43. Except it was in the beginning of that very same chapter, in that very same book. It was Isaiah 43:5 - Do not fear, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and I will gather you from the west. 

Is it coincidental that my sweet Abba had a word for me last night in the very same book, very same chapter of the Bible that he had for me so long ago? No, I do not believe so. He found me. Even when I did not have the strength to go searching for Him. He came to me. Actually, that is not true - He never left me. Last night, he made that evident.

I went to a concert tonight that our praise band put on. My husband was leading worship and he said that "God of My Days" was one of his favorite songs. Let me share the lyrics with you:

You awaken my heart
From slumbering
Meet me in mourning
And you speak to my grief

You're the light in my darkness
The delight of my eyes
The hope of the daybreak
When the sun's slow to rise

I trust that every moment's in your hands
You're the God of my days
The King of my nights
Lord of my laughter
Sovereign in sorrow
You're the Prince of my praise
The love of my life
You never leave me
You are faithful

God of my days

You unveil my eyes
Help me to see
The arms of my Father
Encircling me
You're a constant companion
I am never alone
Your love is the banner
That's leading me home


My eyes are on You
My hope is in You
My faith is in You
My eyes are on You
My hope is in You
My faith is in You

He unveils my eyes to help me to see the arms of my Father encircling me. He did just that. Not only do I see my Father's arms, I feel them. I feel the Peace that I so desperately needed. And you know what? It gave me just the strength I needed to fight on. 


Tara. said...

I love that song, too!
I'm glad you found some peace and had a while to really grieve. I'm sure in many ways, it feels like you've lost a child.
There will be rough days still, but you know where you can fall-in the arms of your Abba.

I love this quote based on Psalm 119:151
"Bigger problems gain a new perspective when we remember the nearness of a bigger God."

Tara Anderson said...

We have such a loving, faithful Father...and I just love the way He is into the smallest details of our lives! So glad that the peace is filling your heart and I pray that it continues to do so!

The Milfords said...

So very glad the peace that passes all understanding is resting on you. I pray you dwell well!

Blondie said...

Thank you, Jesus! I have been so worried about you.