Monday, October 26, 2009


My mind that is. I am not kidding, it's gone.

I have no update to speak of (imagine that), but I do have to share something scary. Lately, I have been incredibly tired. We have been busy, and the stress of an adoption that, in my mind, is frozen in time, is apparently getting the best of me. Last night I dreamed that I drove to Washington, DC to get my documents authenticated. When I got there, the US Secretary of State was in a hotel. It was like a little side office in the lobby. Maybe I am wrong, but that should have been my first clue that this dream was nuts. I am pretty sure Hillary Clinton would not be pleased to work in a hotel lobby. Anywho, I got "in line" to get my documents done. When it was my turn, I walked up to the window (very much like a doctor's office) and spoke to the "receptionist". It was at this moment that this already weird dream turned absolutely insane - I handed the lady a half eaten egg salad sandwich to authenticate. She took the sandwich like it was totally normal to authenticate one. She started processing it, and in my mind, I kept thinking, give me back my sandwich. I am really hungry! Seriously, the whole time she was working I was panicking about my lunch. I kept trying to think of a scheme to get my sandwich back. I told her that I would come back later. She assured me it wouldn't take long, and if I left, I would have to get back in that really long line. She seemed very eager to assist me. It was making me nervous, like I was afraid she was going to eat my sandwich or something. I don't remember what happened from there, thank goodness.

Isn't that so bizarre? I remember when I was pregnant, I would have the strangest dreams. So vivid and real. I guess I have that to look forward to with our adoption too. I just hope I don't dream that Jessica is a lizard, like I did with Jackson.

I can guarantee when the time comes for me to overnight my documents to be authenticated, I will not be mailing a half eaten egg salad sandwich.


Tara Anderson said...

Oh Michele...that is one CRAZY dream!!! I'm sure I'll be blogging about my own in the near future, though. I'm already cyber-stalking the USPS to see if our application has arrived yet. (Yes, I did pay extra for delivery confirmation!) There are just so many things running through your mind at once that it's impossible to keep everything straight. Fortunately, we can let ourselves go in our dreams...and in "real life" ensure that we do NOT overnight sandwiches to China!

Valerie and Jeff said...

That is hilarious! I'm sure with everything on your mind your subconscious has to have an outlet somewhere! ha! Dreams are a powerful way to sort through things. I'm going to make a stab at it and say that the half eaten egg-salad sandwich represents your life as a mom-right now. You're handing it over to be authenticated for adoption. Is it good enough? Is it okay that it's not fresh and new? How 'bout if it's a little home-made? Of course you are worried about your "sandwich" or life and how it will change, will you have enough for your needs that you already have and will your hunger be satisfied? They are eager to assist you and don't want you to leave and get back in that LONG line (you've waited how long and patiently for this dream?) Hey, I'm no Joseph on interpreting dreams ... but that's my take on the egg-salad sandwich ... or maybe it was just WAY hilarious without meaning anything at all! What a hoot. I had a dream last year (sleep deprivation of a new mom) that I was entertaining President Bush and official guests. I had to bake a cake and couldn't find the right pans, when I finally did I cut the cake to serve it and each piece had perfectly drawn colorful cartoon characters INSIDE each and every piece. I remember most vividly Yo'simite Sam and Bugs Bunny. Any thoughts on that? HA!

TanyaLea said...

Oh goodness! Dreams can be SO strange sometimes. I've had plenty of my own!! But no cake with Yo'simite Sam and Bugs Bunny...LOL!! ;) Nice Valerie!!

Your papers will be off to be authenticated before you know it. I had to send my birth certificate to DC and it came back with Hillary's hand signed signature and Sec of State seal... pretty cool really. That's when it really hit me how 'official' everything really is and why it all takes time. Hang in there and keep your focus on the Lord... He will see you through!! <><


Blondie said...

I think you're pregnant. Unless you can prove otherwise.

Tara. said...

I was going to say what Blondie said. ;o)
Weird dreams are.... weird! That's hilarious though. Maybe you need some extra protein, so your body was making you crave eggs?? ♥

Chasity said...

Michelle, I'm sure that brought panic to you, but I'm laughing so hard. That is just hilarious you gave her the Egg sandwhich. To funny! I'm so happy all of our authenticications were done by mail, except for the notary part, which was simple. Just relax sweetie, everything is going to be awesome.