Sunday, October 11, 2009


The homestudy is not completed yet. Honestly, I am not sure how long it takes to write the report up. All of our visits are done, but I know the hard part is actually writing the homestudy. In our state, they have 90 days to get it done. Our social worker said it shouldn't take this long, but she didn't say how long it would take. So, for now, we are waiting. Obviously, I am praying that it is done much quicker than 90 days, but at least I have a completed date in mind (ugh, even if it is December!).

On a slightly different note though, I got am email from our family coordinator with some encouraging news. She said that once we are accepted into the waiting child program (which technically we are, a completed homestudy has to be on file to be official), we could be matched that same day! Now I am not optimistic that it would be that soon, but it is possible. She said that if we were willing to accept a child with unrepaired needs (cleft lip/cleft palate, clubbed feet, minor/major heart disease, just to name a few) the match could come quickly - even for an infant girl (the most in "demand"). Or, if we are willing to accept an "older" child (3+ is considered older), we could be matched quickly as well.

So maybe that is why I am so anxious for our homestudy to be done. Once it is, I could see Jessica's face for the first time! We are willing to accept all of the above, so we could possibly be matched before the end of the year!!!

Now I realize that this is all speculation. It could be much longer than that. I am just sharing what Melissa (our FC) emailed me this week. At this point, I am praying for the gift of discernment. It will be difficult to be offered a child, and not say yes. I pray that Jesus gives us wisdom and the knowledge to know when it's JESSICA. I want to bring them all home, but my house isn't quite big enough for 147 million kids. LOL. I just hope when I see her face, I know that I am looking at the face of MY child.

What a great Christmas present, huh? I always thought that it would be so neat to announce a pregnancy at Christmas. Our timing never worked out that way. I mean I guess I could have, but my gigantic beached whale look would have been a dead giveaway. Maybe this year, I will get to make a big annoucement.


Tara. said...

You're getting SO close to seeing her sweet face and finding out when you can bring her home! I can't wait to hear that joyous news!

TanyaLea said...

That is very exciting indeed! What a priceless Christmas gift that would be...both the homestudy paper completion AND Jessica's referral! All in God's perfect timing!! Isn't it exciting to know that HE already knows WHO Jessica is?! Love that thought!!! <><


Tara Anderson said...

I've been praying the same prayer you have--God, PLEASE let me recognize MY daughter's picture! I don't want to choose the "wrong" one out of my anxiousness to be matched and I am afraid of passing her up because she's not what I expected! Oh! But I do long to see her face! I'll keep praying for you on this journey of yours...I'm so glad we're travelling this road to China together!!!

Gavin's Family said...

You will know. I would look at lists before we found Gavin and would pray "how will I know dear God?" and then when the day came there was no doubt in my mind I was looking at the face of my son. It only took me 1/2 a second to realize this was him. God will tell you who your daughter is. For us it also happened two months faster then we thought it would, so it caught us off gaurd when it did happen;)

Blondie said...

It is so exciting to see how quickly this is progressing. I know that God does not promise a straight path in His will - there may be twists, turns, hills, valleys, and gigantic mountains - but man, this path is full of affirmation!

As for knowing - I agree that will know. God will not take you this far and have you pick the wrong one! (I know that is a simplistic reasoning, but, hey, I'm simplistic!)

Valerie and Jeff said...

This is so exciting! (I can't believe that I missed this post when it was new and fresh ... almost a week ago?!) I'm glad that I did get to read it though. I will pray for your discernment in knowing God's will in knowing which child he has chosen for you and finding peace in that. That would be such a difficult (exciting ... but difficult) aspect. May God bless you with eyes of the heart, HIS heart.
And that would be an excellent Christmas present! (I've done the announcing a pregnancy at Christmas Eve ... and it trumps all other presents! Well, except Jesus.)