Thursday, October 29, 2009


The potty train tried to leave the station. Actually, you know, it did leave the station, however, a certain little 2 1/2 year old was not on it.

I decided this week to try and potty train my little boy. I really didn't want to. I, honestly, am perfectly content with him wearing diapers indefinitely. We travel way too much and potty training + road trip = NIGHTMARE. However, I know that at some point the kid will have to pee in the toilet. Someone said to me, "You have to potty train him! He can't go to Kindergarten in diapers!!" Why not? We homeschool. Anyway, fine, the pressure of society is making me crack. So we tried. We failed.

I went and bought him Diego and Wonder Pets underwear. Fun, right? No one wants to pee on Diego. Well, except Jameson. It appears he has no trouble peeing on Diego.

So I am not sure what to do. At this point the other two had at least peed on the potty before, and actually were mostly trained. Jameson just doesn't seem to get what that big white bowl is for.

At what age is it unacceptable to still wear diapers? I do not see an end in sight.


Stacie said...

2 and a half is still acceptable to have in diapers. Expensive, but not awful ;-) If he's not ready, I don't see a point in pushing it on him. Make a little potty available to him, sure, but don't put the boy in undies if he's just not ready.

Tara Anderson said...

I tried to potty train Eli at 2 and 3, but he wasn't ready until he was 4...and let me tell ya, when he was ready he was ready!!! He had it down-pat after 9 days...including pooping in the toilet! It was a totally different experince when HE was ready. That being said, both of my girls were completely potty-trained by the time they were 2. It's just different with each kid, and from what I hear it does take boys longer.

Blondie said...

Just let it go. He'll do it when he's ready. Will pretty much peepee trained himself almost a year ago. Poop, well, who knows but I am certainly not going to stress about it! There are too many other things in life to stress over...(but I'm old and don't care, so that may be the difference!)

Tara. said...

I'm of the "he will do it when he's ready" frame of mind, too. This is how its been for us with the older 3 and I'm guessing it will be thr same with #4. I've also learned that age 3 or a few months before, seems to be the best time. It happened quickly and with little accidents, usually just the first day.
So please, for the sake of Diego, try again in a couple months! LOL ;o)

Kim said...


Thank you for your sweet comment! You most definitely can link to my blog.

You are precious!