Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This little light of mine...

A couple of weeks ago in school, we talked about ways we could show others Jesus' light shining in us. We discussed how we, as Christians, could show other others that Jesus lives in our hearts. Jackson said by being kind to your brother and sister, obeying mommy and daddy, being nice to your friends, you know that sort of thing. I really wanted to show him ways that would require him to take a leap of faith. I suggested we bake cookies and deliver them to our neighbors. He thought that this was a great idea and proceeded to ask me everyday when we were taking our neighbors the cookies.

I want to add that we moved into this neighborhood last August. We have never met any of our neighbors. I have to be honest, after our last "pee off the deck" neighbors, I was (am?) perfectly content on keeping to myself and them doing the same. So by doing this little exercise not only are my children learning a huge lesson, but their teacher is as well.

Well, life got busy, we went to Florida and we never baked the cookies. So, I decided that today was the day. So we baked our cookies and got them all ready to deliver. Brad ended up taking them. They were both so very excited to be doing this. So they went to the house across the street and to the house directly next door. brad said both neighbors were so kind and were so appreciative. Turns out actually, the family next door have a little boy that is seven. They are not normally home during the day, but the little boy had his tonsils removed yesterday. So they were home.

I just want to say how proud I am of my babies. I just think about how they had no hang ups about taking food to people they didn't know and telling them about Jesus' light shining. They were glad to do it. They wanted to do it - they begged to do it. Oh how I wish I could have the faith of a child. I learned something from my kids today - I learned that it is ok to face the unknown and trust that Jesus' will take care of everything. I learned that I can be excited to meet new people and anxious to tell them about Jesus'.

I hope our small gesture blessed our neighbors somehow. I hope that we broke the ice to new friendships. I hope that we opened the door to telling them more about our Savior. Who knows, maybe we planted a seed today that might not otherwise have been planted. Only He knows if what we did had any kind of impact, but we did what we thought was right. We acted on faith.

PS - you know I had to document it on film!!!

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