Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jackson's "almost" sleepover...

On Wednesday night last week, this kid came up to me and asked if Jackson could spend the night with him. I chuckled and told him oooohhhh no, my boy doesn't spend the night away from his moma. I then said (lesson learned here, btw), "maybe you can spend the night with us one night instead." He got so excited and asked his mom if he could spend the night this Friday night, as in two days away. His mom said, "sure honey, if Michele doesn't mind." GAH. So what do I say here? "Crap no kid. I wasn't serious." No, I can't say that, so I agreed. Well, we went to the playground to play for a while. The whole time he (the kid) wanted to know when we were leaving or what we were having for dinner. So after about an hour, I had enough and we left. We got home and all was good. Being the rockin mom that I am, I had sodas, chips, candy and popcorn for them. I also set up the tent in the den for them to sleep in. I know, I know - it sounds like a jacktacular sleepover right? They really were having a good time. Jackson was in heaven! Well, bedtime rolls around and this kid starts about he is homesick. Big shock there. So he calls his dad to come and get him.

Of course Jackson is traumatized. Why did he want to leave? What happened? Is he mad at me? Poor little guy.

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