Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ah..Spring is in the air!

What a glorious weekend we have had! The weather has been great! My kids are behaving (don't they always??) and things are good! Brad and I worked out in the yard ALL day Friday and most of the day Saturday. We planted tons plants, we pimped up our pool area, and we cleaned up.

I know you might never guess this about me, but I think I have a green thumb. I planted lantana (lavender and yellow), a hydrangea, calladiums, carolina jasmine (on my new trellis, might I add), lobelia, and replanted some azalea. I also planted some tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini in my new topsy turvy planters. I am stoked! I can't to see the fruits of my labor, literally!

My kiddies had the best time outside with us too. I have finally found a place that will keep Jameson still. Turns out, he doesn't really like grass. He will sit wherever I put him for a while. Jackson and Julianna loved playing outside on the swing set and in the sand box. They even planted their own flowers in hand painted (by them!) planters. I wonder how long it will take their little sunflowers to grow from seeds to big full bloom flowers? Forever I am sure. It doesn't help that Jackson has checked on it about eleventy bajillion times wondering why it isn't growing.

So if any of you come to visit us in a month or so, I am sure you will see all of our nice flowers.

Another thing to report on. Over Easter weekend Jackson met this little boy at Burger King. His name is Jaden. He was born in January 2003 just like Jack. Anyway, they really hit it off and we have been meeting him weekly for play dates. I really like his mom and Brad really likes his dad. It is awesome for Jack to FINALLY have a friend here. Another blessing with them is they homeschool too! We are totally excited to have met them! They actually have a little girl that is 2, but Julianna is a full year older than her, so they haven't really hit it off yet. However, Julianna is having a great time with the boys. And they are including her with their games. So good times are had by all!

Well, that is my update for now.

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