Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If know me at all, you know I love Asian decor. I always have, long before we discovered that the Lord was leading us to adopt a child from Asia. I remember being in middle school and being convinced that I was going to marry Thang Nguygen. LOL. I didn't. Instead, I married the whitest boy on the planet. But that's neither here nor there now I suppose. Anywho.....

When we bought our house, I had my heart set on a "Chinese kitchen". I painted it red, and filled it with Asian decor. I loved it then, and I love it now. One day during that time, I stumbled across this little beauty...

Now, I am not going to lie. I love it. Brad hates it. I understand that it is Buddha, but I am not worshipping it. I just like the way it looks. When I was a little girl, I remember my grandmother (not Willa, my other grandmother) had Buddhas everywhere. She was Catholic. She didn't worship Buddha either, she just liked them. So I saw no harm in my little treasure from Target.  Brad on the other hand disagreed. He hated it. He couldn't understand why I would want it, but being the kind of man Brad is, he just tolerated me it.

So today we were talking about how lately, I have felt like Jesus was far away. I was telling Brad that I have felt like He isn't hearing my prayers, no matter how desperately I have cried out to Him. Then  Brad said, "Maybe because you have an idol in our kitchen." Huh? I didn't understand what he was saying. An idol? We ended up having this long talk about my Buddha.

I never really considered what he was saying. He (and he is very wise about the bible and things of that nature) was telling me that it doesn't matter that I, personally, don't worship Buddha. I am still allowing an idol, with all of its evil attachments, into our home. Huh. That has really given me something to ponder today.

I believe in the "spiritual" world. Forces unseen to humans. Could having something "UnChristian" in our home allow a foot hold, so to speak, for an evil presence? I guess I never really thought of it that way... I am curious to hear other peoples opinions on this, so please share.

For what it's worth, my Buddha is now gone. After I got off the phone with Brad, I immediately came into the kitchen and threw it away. Brad came home for lunch and said, "Gosh! Our house already feels more peaceful!" LOL! Whatever. I told him "Good, I work hard on the feng shui." I thought he might slap me! HAHAHA!


Valerie and Jeff said...

That is so interesting Michele! In fact, you kinda are paralleling my life with the feng shui and interest in Asian decor from well ... forever. HA! I don't have a Buddha in my kitchen, but I'm sure I have something that bugs my husband in our house ... oh yes, my antiques. Now about the Buddha. I can understand how visually attracted you might have been to it ... and I can also see your husband's point of view too. The evil one is so deceptive and sneaky! Although he doesn't have your heart ... those who know and who trust you could be open to influence without even knowing. Amazing to think about the forces of good and evil and thinking about what is going on unseen to us. But ... I would bet that your openness to part with this thing that you did enjoy ... will not go unnoticed by God ... and He is surely pleased with your want to please Him above all ... even if it wasn't a huge stumbling block to you or those you love. You did it out of obedience and love.

Cheri said...

I'm in agreement with your husband. I look at it like this...if Jesus was sitting in my kitchen and Buddha was on the counter, I'd feel terrible. It is like your husband having a picture of an old girlfriend in the living room. No he does not love her anymore, but he really likes the picture. We serve a jealous God. It is not honoring to who HE is and what he has told us about idols. Think of Solomon when he married "strange" women and built temples for their gods. He was not as close to God as he was before. I'm glad you got rid of it :o)

Tara Anderson said...

It's amazing even the little tests God brings our way to give us the chance to prove ourselves, isn't it? I know it seemed like "just a decoration" but surrendering your home decor to the lordship of Christ is no small thing!