Monday, February 14, 2011


We don't really do sitters, so I knew a nice Valentine's date with my hubby wasn't going to happen. I figured since I couldn't go to dinner with Brad, Julianna could. A daddy, daughter date. She was so very excited! We really should spend more one on one time with each of the littles. They just love the undivided attention. I told her that she could dress up if she wanted, and I would even curl her hair. She couldn't wait! So I got her dressed, and she waited on her daddy to get home from work. When he got home, he gave her a single pink rose. She was giddy! It was so sweet! She looked so pretty!

Brad told me not to expect them home immediately after dinner because he needed to go to the funeral home to pay his respects to a church member's family. I tell ya, nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a trip to the funeral home. BWAHAHAHAHAHA It's not funny.

Right before they left, Brad handed me my Valentine present. Um. Yeah, there are no words. He gave me a cherry Laffy Taffy. Complete with the $0.99 sticker and it was warm because clearly, it had been in his pocket. It's a tasty treat and entertainment. Candy complete with jokes. My man? Yeah, he's so romantic.

So the boys and I decided we would go on our own date. We piled in the car, and headed to Taco Bell. I have to say, it was really nice just being with the boys. We giggled a lot (why is it that boys think it is so funny when someone toots? And by someone, I mean Jameson. Over and over. Loudly. In Taco Bell.). It was really a great time!

Who knew Valentine's day with Laffy Taffy, Taco Bell and toots could be so great?! Brad and Julianna's nice dinner and trip to the funeral home had nothing on our date!


Cheri said...

Laffy Taffy and Taco Bell! What could be better?

Tara Anderson said...

I love your family. :)

Stephanie said...

hilarious...and super sweet to see your daughter all dressed up to go out with her daddy.