Sunday, February 27, 2011


Something dawned on me this week. It is profound. I knew this with my head, but I didn't know it in my heart. When it hit me, it really hit me.

Jesus has a plan.

For me, for my life. A plan that makes my plan look lame. For a while now, I have been praying for what I thought was best.  I have been praying for my timing. In my prayers, I laid it all out for God,  'cause He might need my help, ya know.

Um, wrong.  Seriously, I really thought He might need me to help Him along. I was getting dressed the other day, and I thought, "WAIT! He doesn't need me. He doesn't need me to explain to Him how it all needs to play out." I heard something this weekend that literally changed my life...

God doesn't need me...He wants me.

Think about that for a minute. If I could imagine my best case scenario, the perfect story... it would still not be as great as what Jesus has for me. This completely changes my perspective. The more I thought about it, the more I felt Him speaking to me.

He is enough.

If none of my "plans" ever work out the way I hope, He is enough. He alone. Nothing else matters. One day, this life will be over. One day I will find myself standing, actually kneeling, at my sweet Jesus' feet. I will be face to face with my Savior. That's what matters. When I begin to focus on eternity and not the here and now, that is when I find complete Peace.

Funny how different things are when you truly focus on Him. Everything in the background fades away.  Every worry. Every heartache. Every loss. Everything.

I don't ever want to take my eyes off of Him.


TanyaLea said...

AMEN! You're so right ~ His plan is WAY better than anything we could 'think up' on our own! I often wonder how many times I may have missed out on God's best for my life, simply because I felt the need to lead Him along and take the reins. It's true that God wants us to share with Him the desires of our hearts. It's part of spending time with Him and sharing our hearts. But then we need to leave them there and trust that 'no matter what!' that He has it all worked out. It doesn't necessarily mean that the things that happen to us are always part of God's plan. In fact, when adversity comes our way, the Word says to not so much as even SAY that adversity comes from the Lord. He allows it, but does not cause it. We need to look at ourselves and see where it is that we may have let the enemy in. And then we need to regroup and put on that full armor of God, so that we can be ready for battle next time he comes a knocking! ;) I loved this post, because it is filled with much profound truth about the amazing and loving Father we have... our Heavenly Father, who DESIRES a relationship with us. And not because He needs one, but because He WANTS one! Oh how wonderful a thought that is! God is good!!! <><

love ya,

Tara Anderson said...

The lessons our Father teaches us through the adoption process are amazing....

Valerie and Jeff said...

SO very true Michele! Thank you for the beautiful post! I needed to hear this today. I find myself listening to kutless' song about "if I lost it all would my hands stay raised for Him--would HE be enough for me?" And it refocuses so much of where I find myself off wandering and struggling on my own in my wilderness of wants. Yes, He has to be the focus and it has to be His plan--so funny how I think, "Hey, I could help Him out!" Love how you pointed out that he doesn't NEED us ... he WANTS us.
Oh to just stay focused on him.
Thank you!

Stephanie said...

Great post! And a good reminder for us all!