Sunday, February 28, 2010

I need to have the travel discussion again. I was really feeling burdened by the travel arrangements (or lack there of, I suppose). I really thought I had it all sorted out, but my heart felt heavy everytime I thought about it. I had resigned myself to traveling alone, and if my friend could work it out, she was going to go with me. That seemed to be a good alternative, but we just wasn't sure how we could work that out financially. Like I said above, I just felt so burdened and heavy hearted when I thought about it.

So I prayed for wisdom. I prayed that Jesus would work out whatever His will was for us. Well, a few days later, Brad and I talked about it again. He said ideally, he could go too, but we just couldn't afford it. It was in that moment that hit me like a ton of bricks! We talked about how really, the desires of our hearts is for all of us to go. Instantly,  I felt a Peace that I hadn't felt before regarding travel. Seriously, pure Joy filled my heart thinking about my husband and my babies being there with me and Jessica.

So I think I have my answer! I literally have been on cloud 9 thinking about it. We have had the best time this week talking about all the things we are going to see and do. The kids are so excited. So, now I just have to pray if this is indeed His will, He will provide.

It will be nothing short of a miracle to have the funding we need. Fortunately, I serve an awesome God. A God that have proven himself faithful to us, over and over.

Taking the whole family is a controversial topic. Especially when you are trying to raise funds. While I understand how that could be, I don't agree with most of the negativity surrounding it. I believe this trip will be a life changing trip for my children. I believe seeds will be planted in their little hearts. I believe God will show them a nation without Jesus. I also believe that God will open their hearts for other people and culture.

My prayer for my children is that their heart will be burdened for the lost. Burdened for the oppressed. So you see, I don't think this will be a vacation. I think it will affect their hearts. That makes taking them along priceless.

Not to mention, they will be there when we meet Jessica for the first time. We can never get that moment back and I simply can not imagine all my babies not being there.

So, I will close with this - will you please help me pray? Pray that God moves mountains financially. Please pray for provision. Also, we are having a fundraising concert on May 2. I am really excited about it. The praise team at our church do such an awesome job. I am excited they are all willing to help us! Please pray it goes well! Thanks guys!


Tara Anderson said...

Praying with you and for you!!!! Looking SO forward to what God is going to do!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Praying for the Lord to move mountains for your family.

Tara. said...

Absolutely praying!

Holly said...

Okay...just for the record...the Lord totally provided for us to take our 2 bio. kids to china when we adopted Josiah. We never imagined it to be possible. HE IS THE MOUNTAIN MOVER!! AND THE GREAT PROVIDER!! Hooray!! So happy to have met you! :)