Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hello, my name is Michele, and I am a slacker. I can't help it. I have tried to fight it, but the pull is too strongggg.

I have spent way too much time with my TV this summer. Most people don't watch a ton of TV in the summer. Shows are reruns, people are busy, etc... Me? Oh no, I haven't left my couch all summer. All of my typical shows are reruns, so I am not watching those. It's all the new ones that are killing me.

The pile of laundry in my bedroom is ridiculous. I am two days behind in my bible study. I haven't cooked a meal in days. It is 1 am, and where am I? That's right. Sitting in front of the tube (with the laptop in my lap).

What is sooo good that I can't turn the TV off you ask (Yeah, I know you didn't really ask. Just indulge me.)? Here is a list of the stupid shows I am obsessed with:

1. Ghost Hunters
2. Destination Truth
3. Survivorman (my personal favorite at the moment)
4. Toddlers and Tiaras (yes, I am ashamed)
5. Dr. G Medical Examiner

There are more, sadly enough, but those are the ones I watch the most. Sigh. My house is falling apart around me. LOL. I need an intervention.


Lori said...

Oh my goodness, girlfriend! You have got to turn that evil box off!! :) Seriously, it sounds like you are feeling some conviction about it...if so, why not give up TV (for a while) as a fast. I am AMAZED at how much more time I spend in prayer when the TV isn't on (or I'm not paying attention to it).

My biggest time waster is the internet. But I really do try to limit my time here (but here I am!). The TV could fall out the window and I wouldn't care in the least (well, I do like watching Fox News).

Pray about it! Ask the Lord what HE wants you to do...then do it! You won't be sorry. :)

Michelle DiMaio said...

Our TV in the living room broke back in May or June and we just now took it down to get it repaired. It was honestly a HUGE blessing in disguise! We have a tv in our room, so the kids could stll watch the occasional movie, but having the living room TV out of commission kept all of us from vegging away the summer. If it wasn't for Clemson football and the return of NBC Thursday night comedies, I think we'd just leave it broken!! :)

Now, as the for laundry, I've got nothing there... I'm in the same boat :)

Chasity said...

Michelle, I think your awesome. A very honest Gal. Nothing wrong with us slackers. I'm with ya, can't miss Ghost Hunters! Although I have been watching so much TV, I can't miss Big Brother on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday and next week Biggest Loser begins, so more TV for me each week.

I don't replace TV for anything in my life. God and family are always first, so I'm thankful for DVR. That way, I can always focus on the important things and catch up on the silly things like TV shows.

Queen of Quite-a-Lot said...

You know, I've spent more time watching TV this summer than I ever have before, too. And you're right, nothing life changing is on, but I still watch. Maybe it's in the summer air.
When I feel really convicted about TV and/or computer time, I set a timer for myself. And I remind myself that I have a DVR and I can record things and watch them a little at a time. That seems to help a lot.

Good luck with that pile of Mt. Laundry!