Monday, September 7, 2009


I just got an email from the Director of Social Services saying that she reviewed all of our documents and is passing it on to the homestudy coordinator. Now, we get to wait on her to receive it, and then review it. THEN, MAYBE THEN, we can actually schedule our homestudy. I also found out that she is in Charlotte. 100 miles away. So after the $2500 payment I just made, I get to pay mileage for her to come here. Oh, and it gets better - we have to have 4 meetings with her.

At least I heard something though, right? I did have a good chat with my Jesus this morning, and I do feel better (I know you can't tell by my vent here, haha). I know that He has moved mountains, provided in ways that still blow my mind, and He is working on our behalf on this whole adoption. I know that all of this will be totally worth it.

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