Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, I guess it was inevitable. After living in this town for almost four years, I am starting to act like a local. This isn't necessarily a good thing, people. There have been two things that have stopped me in my tracks over the last 48 hours.

One, we got a new Biscuitville. That's right, another restaurant that sells biscuits and breakfast. We didn't have enough of those. Anyway, today was the grand opening. We about broke our necks getting there this morning. Sigh. We ordered combo number 5, also known as "heart attack on a plate", and other various artery clogging items. Jackson's order went something like this: 2 pancakes, 6 pieces of bacon, and 2 biscuits. Um, not a chance pal. I gave him props for trying, but come on. We did end up a butt load of bacon and biscuits though. It was actually really good. Then again, most things cooked with pure lard usually are. Anyway, at least I didn't order a "beeskit". It was just sad to me that I got so excited over a new restaurant that sells biscuits. I mean, really? Not a hip new coffee house or a Target. No ma'am, I was excited about Biscuitville.

My next moment of truth was yesterday. I was telling my mom that anytime the kids get candy, I have to hide it from Brad. I actually said (gosh even typing it makes me cringe), "Mom, I have to hide the candy due to it gettin gone." Shudder. Gettin gone? Lord, is it too late? Have I been here too long? Is the damage irreversable? If I start saying "ideal" instead of "idea" someone please come and get me. Take me far, far away from this town.

Well, I am off. Heading to the walmart to get me some overalls before they all get gone y'all. If Biscuitville didn't close at 2, I would stop by and get me a beeskit.


Claire said...

Hee, too funny!


Amber said...

Don't forget to get pony tail holders for your pig tails!

Anonymous said...

Geez....your cracking me up!


Frankie said...

You are so hilarious. Have I told you lately that I love you?

I love you.

Pam B said...

Michele, as someone who has a MA in English I can honestly say that there are many who make me cringe around here and I am used to it. I have the accent but I do know correct grammar. Even though "is gone" is the preferred grammar "get gone" is not completely incorrect. (It is actually alliteration!) I am glad that you are coming to terms with that "hillbilly" side of yourself that you didn't know existed. :-) (Hee Hee or should I say Hee Haw!!)

Chrissy said...

You really do make me laugh. By the way, we've lived in Dallas for four years now, and it's the longest we've lived anywhere EVER. I truly do feel like a local. I don't wear a cowboy hat, though. Yet.