Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yeah, I've been tagged. Jealous?

So my friend, Janna (, tagged me today. What is tagged, you ask? I have no freakin clue. Apparently, you are tagged and you list 6 random things about yourself, then you tag someone else to do the same. Here are the supposed rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you. (Great. I have no idea how to link someone.)
2. Post the rules on your blog. (You're reading them!)
3. Write six random things about yourself. (Look below)
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them. (I don't even know six bloggers. I cyber stalk a lot of people. None of them know I exist. So I can't very well tag them now can I? The few people I would tag, my friend that tagged me, already tagged. So there you have it...).
5. Let each person (or just the one person. You know, whatever.) know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So here are my random facts:

1. My heart aches for a little girl from China. Brad says no. He thinks I only want to do adopt because some of my friends have adopted. That isn't so. I want to adopt because I want to give a little girl a chance that otherwise wouldn't have one. I want to adopt because my Jesus adopted me, and I feel I should "pay it forward". I don't want a perfect baby girl. I want a little girl that is over looked. One that isn't perfect (in other people's eyes, not mine.) I want a little girl that sits in the orphanage day after day and wonders when it will be her turn as all the babies leave. I want a little girl that longs for a mommy and a daddy and brothers and sisters.

2. One of my favorite smells is the swamp. Charleston has this distinctive smell when you go near the rivers and swamp that I love. It smells like home and I miss it. I wish Yankee Candle made a candle called "Charleston Swamp". I would buy it.

3. If it weren't for family, I would want to move to California. It is my all time favorite place to be. I love it there. Brad says I just love Beverly Hills. While I do love 90210 (the real zip code), I love the whole state too. From the top to the bottom. Brad loves it too. The only reason we haven't moved there is because of our parents. It would devastate them.

4. I love to eat raw potatoes, peeled with vinegar and salt on them. I also like salt on my oranges.

5. I wish I was cooler.

6. I wish I had of finished nursing school. I just feel like a failure because I didn't. I feel bad that I let my parents down. I know it wouldn't really make a difference to my life now, but I would like knowing it was something I accomplished.

OK, I am done. And I will tag....
1. Karen (

That was harder than I thought. There aren't many "random" facts about me. Turns out, I am an open book that can't keep my mouth shut. So some of my facts aren't random at all. But whatever.

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Blondie said...

Thanks for being almost as clueless as I am on this whole blogger thing! At least you can figure out how to change your backgrounds!

You need to talk to Shannon about China.

Where in California would you like to live? We love visiting San Francisco, but we couldn't live there. Thousand Oaks (where Jeff lived for a few months in 2003) is very nice - very similar to Cary.

Swamp and raw potatoes... Hilarious!

Thanks for sharing!!