Monday, December 1, 2008

Ok, I Talked Myself Off the Ledge

Ok, so last night I was having a minor (major) freak out moment. I feel better tonight though. I took Anna to the doctor, and her "foot cancer" is indeed a plantars wart. Whew. I literally felt like I was going to puke last night, haha. I was worried to DEATH about a wart. A wart. hahahahhahahaha. I also talked to my doctor's office (aka my mom) today about the treatment plan for the kidney stones. The doctor isn't worried. He left the treatment up to me. He said that it most likely would just sit there for a longggg time. If I wanted to, he could do a procedure to break it up or I could just wait it out. He sent me a prescription for some major pain meds, just in case. So I will just hang out for a while. I have passed a few big ones before, I will survive again.

I am still worried about the MRI tomorrow, but I am confident that my Jesus will take care of me. He is the Great Physician, and I am in His hands. I will rest in that.

Thank you to my peeps that emailed or commented to me - you guys rock! Love you!

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