Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Lesson for Today Kids...

Is don't put a feathered boa on a lamp shade. I'll tell you why - it will catch fire. It will make you think your whole house is about to explode. It will make you call 911. Here's the story: Today I cleaned Anna's room really well. I purged and it looks so nice. Well, when I got done I had this feathered boa that didn't have a home. So, I thought to myself, "Self, put it on the lamp! It will look so pretty when the light shines through it." So I did just that. Well, tonight I told Anna to go get her jammies on and get ready for bed. When I went in to tuck her in, I smelled something burning. It was not a faint smell either. It was slap you in the face and make you freak out smell. So I ran though the house like a mad woman smelling every room. It was definitely just her room. So I called Brad to come home. I was really getting scared. I did not want to put my kids to bed if my house was about to explode. Brad got here and started to investigate. I was literally seconds away from calling 911. Just as I was about to call, he found the source. The feathers on the lamp. When Julianna went in to get jammies, she turned on her lamp. When I went into say goodnight, she turned it off. So I never expected the lamp. The boa's feathers were totally burnt. So thankfully she turned the lamp off when she did. I don't know if it would have really caught fire if she left it on. It was only on for a few minutes. Skeery!

Brad so sweetly reminded me of the time I really did catch our apartment in Raleigh on fire by putting ashes from the fireplace in a plastic bucket on the balcony. The fire department actually had to come that time. There were actual flames! The fireman said if it had not of snowed that night, the building would have been gone! The moisture kept it from spreading. My bad.

So, I am hoping that I get more than three strikes before I am out. OMG! I am not kidding this commerical on tv just this very second is some guy singing "I don't want to set the world on fireeeeee!" Ack! Is it a sign???


Stacie said...

I so completely remember you trying to burn down the apartments. I'm glad that was after I had moved out of there!

Hilarious. But yes, as a general rule, one should not decorate lamps with anything more than a shade. I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been!

Anonymous said...


I am for real emailing you. Look for it...


Blondie said...

Thank God everything turned out well!

I do not remember the apartment incident. If I had known about it, I would have had to tell you this story: Thanksgiving 1995 - On the Saturday after Turkey Day, my neighbor's house (2 doors down in Cary - think about it) caught on fire. It burned to the ground. I spent the day hosing down my own house because of the flying embers. The cause of the fire: emptying the fireplace ashes into a plastic bucket and leaving it in the garage! Thankfully, no one was at home.

I will never, ever (and I have learned never to say never, but I mean it here) burn a real wood fire again. Ever.

I am so glad y'all are okay!