Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hmmm strange things ARE afoot!

Maybe I am watching too much Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer, A Haunting, etc... because I am seriously off my rocker right now. Today, I was walking through my kitchen and a magnet flew off the refrigerator. I am not kidding. Not only did it fly off, it landed s few feet away. Weird right? So I called Brad, Mr. I Don't Believe in Ghosts, and told him the story. His explanation? He said that the change in the weather, you know, the pressure, made the magnet fall to the floor. Then, it bounced three feet. Hmmm... really? A MAGNET fell off the refrigerator? A MAGNET? How can that be? How can a magnet hurl itself off of a fridge? Ok, so whatever. I called my mom next and told her the story. Her explanation? She reminded me that a previous owner of my house had a 2 year old little boy drown in the pool in the back yard. Maybe it was the boy that threw it off the fridge? Maybe he was trying to get MY kids to play with him? ACKKKKKKKKKKK. I said a very ugly word and hung up on her. I like Brad's explanation way better.

So can you enlighten me? And if your answer involves something I can't not SEE, I will come to where you live and beat you up.


Stacie said...

That is strange! My mom would totally give the ghost answer as well. Me...I have no idea. And I've only seen one of those ghost shows. I could only crack up at the guy running screaming from the basement like a little girl and stranding his friend down there by himself. Then I questioned whether or not the guy should look for another job.

I am absolutely no help. Unless you have things changing the magnetism of your fridge and magnets.

Michele said...

Seriously? I was really counting on the almost rocket scientist to explain it! That's all you got?

Blondie said...

Physics...not my area of expertise.

I don't actually believe in ghosts, though, so it wouldn't freak me out too much.

My first question would be whether or not the magnet was still attached. I have had magnets "jump" off the fridge, only to realize that the magnet had separated from the front and the front fell off (while the actual magnet was still on the fridge). Other than that, I got nuthin'.