Monday, March 26, 2012


I would say within an hour of posting my last entry, I knew what my decision was! We are going! I am so excited! Julianna is, too! She is such a good traveler and so "go with the flow",  I was never really concerned about her being able to handle it. My biggest concern was the logistics and having only been to China once, I wasn't sure how to work it out. Last time I went, I had someone take care of every detail and I was never really alone. This time, I will be on my own to some extent, so I just wanted some seasoned travelers to chime in!

Thanks so much girls! I knew I could count on you! I am going to be making our travel arrangements today or tomorrow! Count down is on! THREE WEEKS!

Now to address my "anonymous" friend that commented on my last post. It's funny to me that you said you have been reading my blog for a while, and "have never seen someone with so much doubt". Hm. I find this interesting. Clearly, you haven't been reading my blog as long as you think. Doubt is not really something I struggle with. I have a relationship with my Father built on trust.  In my previous post, I was merely asking if timing/transportation, etc, sounded realistic. I don't typically travel around the world alone with a 7 year old. I wanted to be sure that it was physically possible. Once I found out that I would make my already scheduled flight out of the country, it was a no brainer. I just wasn't sure if the timing could all be worked out. I have literally a 24 hour window. I have a flight leaving for Singapore scheduled early Saturday morning. So, I need to be in Hong Kong Friday night. I wasn't sure if planes, trains and automobiles (and crossing a border) could make it a possibility in such a narrow window of time. You also mentioned that I am "so blessed by this opportunity and don't even realize it"... I know a "few" people - such as my friends, my pastor, my family, my waitress at lunch yesterday, the guy in the Walmart check out, among countless others that would argue that you are wrong. See, that is also a part of faith - I don't "doubt" this is a huge opportunity and a huge blessing. One that I am incredibly grateful for, and have been preparing for, for some time.

Maybe you should find another blog to read - clearly mine ruffles your feathers too much. Good luck with finding that perfect person/blog though - there aren't many of us out there that do not have moments of insecurity or fear. Keep in mind that most bloggers (I would even dare to say ALL) are human and may momentarily have periods of doubt, despair, etc. You may have to reach deep down to encourage someone in a kind manner if you are going to comment. If you find you can't do that... feel free to keep your comments to yourself.


Anonymous said...

I dont have a blogger account, but I read a ton of blogs and am very active in concern for the state of orphans in China. I think it ruffled my feathers that you accepted donations for an adoption you don't plan on completing-including from myself. I'm sure the money is helping you & your family in other ways and I'm hoping that everything happens for a reason and that I was led to give for a reason. I wish the very best for you and blessings for your trip.

Stacie said...

Michele, I'm so excited for you! I cannot wait to hear about your adventures!

And as for Anonymous, wow. If you've lost your faith in a blogger, why are you still reading? As someone who very obviously doesn't know the blogger and didn't follow closely enough to read about the heartache of the failed adoptions (or how God used those unfortunate situations to ultimately help the children involved), perhaps you shouldn't be judging.

'Chele, keep your chin up. You have had such amazing strength and faith these past several years. I love your passion for this!

April said...

People who doubt "hope everything happens for a reason.." People with Faith, may doubt themselves, but trust that everything happens for an eternal purpose. I invite you to learn more about michele's heart and pray it would prompt you to seek Faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who has set a burning passion in Chele's heart for the lost and the orphaned and who has given her the tenacity of spirit to do more than just blog or read blogs about it, but to step out in Faith to do something about it.

Chele, thank you for being so transparent, real, and vulnerable (it reminds me of King David) and don't ever let anyone change that about you! You make me want to be a better Mom, friend, and servant of Christ! I love you!