Saturday, March 24, 2012


I know most of my bloggy friends are adoptive mommies. I need help from you guys! Well, I need help from anyone that could consider the orphan rather than the inconvenience.

Here's the sitch:

I will be spending my time in China with the volunteers/workers of International China Concern. I have mentioned them in the past, but just as a reminder, they are a faith based organization that devotes their lives to special needs orphans of China.

They have graciously offered to allow us to travel to the orphanage and see the work they do, and love on the children (!!!!!!!!!). Be still my heart. Ok, anyway, here is the concern - we will be in Yangshuo. Their closest orphanage is in HengYang. It is a 6 hour train ride. My cousin, Shane, will not be able to travel there due to his speaking schedule. There will be two other girls with us (and Julianna, my 7 year old.). I am unsure if the two girls will want to go to the orphanage or not. I can go without them, if they don't want to go.

Here is where the advice needed comes in... the schedule would be leave late Thursday night to take the overnight train from YangShuo to HengYang. We would arrive in HengYang at 8:45 am. Spend the day in the orphanage and catch the speed train in the evening to Shenzhen. We would then have to cross the border into Hong Kong. So in a course of 24 hours, it would be two trains, work in a orphanage and cross the border.

Is this something that sounds reasonable to do alone? Will it be an ok idea to do if the other two girls accompany me? Or is it something that is just too much to try to accomplish in a short period of time?

I am worried that *this* is my chance - the whole reason I have been on this journey for 5 years. To care/love show Jesus to little ones that need it so desperately. My parents are adamant that this is ridiculous to even consider. Honestly, it hurts my heart that they can't see the big picture, but whatever.

I wanted someone's advice that has been to China. Someone that can be realistic, while considering my heart for these little ones.

Ok... Flood me with advice! PLEASE!


Cheri said...

Michelle, only you know if you can physically handle it all with your daughter. Is she a great traveler, or does she get whiny when tired? Is she a complainer about food, people, or does she roll with the punches? Those are all things to consider. My kids roll with it and really, I think I would do it with all my children in tow. Your down time is travel on the train. Just as long as you can successfully get on and off the train, I'd see no problem with it. If you didn't do it, won't you have those regrets? Let us know!

julie said...

I would take her, how many times do you get the opportunity to do something so amazing. What a great experience for you both, especially doing it together. I agree with don't want to have regrets. Enjoy your trip!!

Wife of the Prez said...

The only reservation is we looked into trains and they are set up 4 to a compartment. It is my understanding you will share it with 2 others if there are just two of you. I am guessing if that is the case you would not sleep a wink. Julianna could though. And honestly if you are housed with other females it would most likely be a great experience! You should ask on RQ. there are several active expats on there and have been several recent threads on train travel where they answered. Can't wait to read about your trip.

Wife of the Prez said...

Crossing the border would be a piece of cake. We did it with 6 children in tow. Shenzhen is literally right outside HK.

Stephanie said...

I think you answered your own question when you said this is what your last 5 years has led to...loving on orphans. Even if the worse case scenario happens (that it is stressful to ride the trains and you are all exhausted and the girls are whiny, etc.) wouldn't it be worth it to have loved on the orphans?
If it is possible to spend the day there...go! :) (But I'll still love you if you don't go. :))

Ashley said...

I say go. You have been praying for this for 5 years. 5 years!! We rode many trains while we were there. You can get a private car. It was a fantastic experience.

Will you have a translator with you? Just curious.

Praying for you friend!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile now. I've never seen someone so full of doubt all the time! You are going to China, you want to bring some love and hope to orphans-GO DO IT. As someone who has traveled many times, that itinerary sounds reasonable. Will you be tired? Probably. But this is a once in a lifetime experience. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. What a great chance to teach your daughter patience and how to deal with adversity. She might feel tired or whiny, but so be it. Bring snacks and wear comfortable clothes, and you should be plenty fine. You are so blessed with this opportunity and don't even realize it.