Monday, March 19, 2012


In the fall, I began noticing that my eye sight just wasn't as good as it used to be (which wasn't saying much, honestly). I made an appointment with my doctor in December for an exam. My vision actually hadn't changed at all, so he told me that I didn't need to update my glasses. Y'all, I have worn glasses my entire adult life (20+ years). I longed for the freedom of wearing contact lens, but my astigmatism prevented me from wearing soft lenses. While they do make contact lens for people with an astigmatism, they didn't really offer much for people with an astigmatism as bad as mine.

*Pet Peeve Insert* I just have to add - when people say to me, "Oh, yeah, I have a BAD astigmatism!", while they were wearing the newest, coolest, extended wear disposable contacts. If your astigmatism is "bad", you can't wear soft contact lenses - and you most certainly can not wear the disposables.

Carrying on... So, I talked to my doctor about contacts. He told me that he could put me in soft lenses, but my vision would not be 100%. He didn't recommend them at all. He did suggest gas permeable lenses, but warned me, while it would correct my vision 100%, they are extremely uncomfortable and hard to get used to. I was determined, so I said I would give them a try.

So I get my new contacts, and I was blown away. My vision was so crisp and clear. My visual acuity was about the same as with glasses, but my quality of vision was drastically better. I didn't know what I had been missing for so long. I instantly fell in love with them and swore off glasses forever.

Until a week later... I got this weird "film" over the lens, that went away when I cleaned them, but came back almost instantly. It was as if I was looking in a bathroom mirror and some one turned a hot shower on. It gradually started to fog, until within minutes, it was completely covered and I couldn't see at all.

We tried multiple types of gas perms. We tried every solution under the sun. The only option after a month and a half of fighting the fog, was to go back to glasses.

It was heart breaking. I had to go back to vision that was not great, after seeing so well for a month (when it wasn't foggy!). No more cute sunglasses. No more pretty eye shadow. No more head bands. I was so sad.

After talking to Brad, I decided to go for a LASIK consultation. I had been told so many times that I didn't qualify, but I thought surely with advances in technology, I might qualify now.

I decided to use a doctor in my hometown, Charleston, because well, I am always looking for a reason to go home. I pack my kiddos up and we head down.

I had my screening and they did all kinds of measurements. When it was over, I was told that they did believe I would be a candidate, but I would require a "double card" treatment. Turns out, I technically do not qualify, however, there were ways around it. I actually was nervous because this "double card" treatment sounded kind of shady.

I came home from my screening and researched LASIK to death. The double card treatment is actually not FDA approved in America. However, it is ok in other countries. The jest of what double card means is they program the laser to correct half of your vision - like half of the prescription. When it's done, they re-program it to finish the prescription off. Basically, you are getting the procedure done twice. A lot of doctors aren't willing to do this - but a lot are. It is proven to be a safe way to "get around" the limitations of the laser machine. The doctor I went to has done 1000's upon 1000's of procedures, and a lot of them requiring the double card treatment.

The more I researched, the more I felt this was a completely safe procedure and the only way I would ever be a candidate.

So I called the office and scheduled my surgery! They were super nice and willing to schedule my 3 hour pre op appointment on a Thursday and surgery the next morning, so I wouldn't have to make two trips to Charleston.

So I was officially scheduled. All I had to do was wait for the big day!

Stay tuned for part two. The procedure and recovery.  In case you are wondering why I am blogging about this, it's because I so want to share about my experience. I want to journal it all while it's fresh in my memory. I hope that maybe someone will stumble across my blog that can benefit from my experience. When I was researching, I would have really liked to read a blog with first hand experience.

Also stay tuned for another blog post about my latest in-depth bible study from Shane Willard Ministries. Shane continues to blow my mind with presenting the bible from a Hebrew perspective. To truly understand the bible as it was written, you must understand the euphamisims of that time. I tell you, I have never considered this stuff before, but it opens the bible up in a way I never knew possible. I can't wait to share about the video I watched last night. Just to peak your interest, here is a quick summary:

The goat has left the building!

Now don't you want to come back and hear more? Believe me, you do! If you can't wait, check out Shane's website!


Naomi said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your vision. I have astigmatism too but it is not bad at all just a little blurry now and then. I have glasses but don't wear them because they never seemed to make any difference.

Mmmm, the only thing that comes to mind about the goat is the scapegoat in the Bible. I love the meanings in Hebrew behind God's word and it does bring it to life. My hubby is trying to learn it being as he travels and works in Israel.

Would still love to meet up with you someday. Maybe after you return from your trip!



Ashley said...

I did Lasik about 7 years ago and I swear it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I LOVE IT!!!

Glad you are doing well sweet friend!