Thursday, October 13, 2011


Remember this post, Sweet Words from a Sweet God? Well, humbly, I can say He has spoken to my heart again. Funny, how He works sometimes.

I, again, got an email with a devotional a few days ago from Proverbs 31 Ministries. For some reason, I didn't even open the email until tonight. I was getting ready for bed, quietly talking to my Savior. My heart has been so burdened lately. I feel like I am walking in the dark, trying to feel my way around. It's just been a sad, soul searching week for me. I was sharing my heart in my prayer, pleading with Jesus to give me some direction. I needed a clear word from Him, not my own emotions and feelings.

So I sat down with my laptop and decided to open the devotional from the other day. I am just going to copy and paste it here. It was exactly what I needed to hear:
“Nevertheless, we must run aground on some island.” Acts 27:26 (NIV)
Have you ever been going along, intent in your calling, certain of your direction, sure of God’s goodness, only to have something happen that throws you completely off course?
When my husband and I resolved to become financially sound, we were dismayed to quickly have an appliance break, shelling out the entire emergency fund we’d built up to repair it. Instead of moving forward we were going backwards.
We had two choices to make at that moment: thank God that we had the money to cover the repair or doubt God’s sovereignty in allowing the appliance to break.
In the book of Acts, chapter twenty-seven, Paul tells the people he is traveling with that God has called them to their mission. Not only that, he is certain the Holy Spirit is on their side. And yet, for reasons he doesn’t go into, we read in our key verse that he also tells them they must run aground, which means they’d be delayed on some island before their purpose would be accomplished.
This delay, it turns out, is part of the plan. This setback is actually sovereign. But of course at that moment they can’t see that. All they can see is a looming shipwreck, a deserted island.
Perhaps you are on your own deserted island—a personal exile that has been painful and prolonged. You wonder if God sees where you are, if He cares. You remember the time you were moving along, the wind in your sails, full speed ahead. And you miss that time. You wish God would rescue you from the island, put you back on course. Perhaps you’re beginning to doubt God really does have a plan for you.
I don’t know what your deserted island looks like. It might be the desolation of a marriage, the barren land of motherhood, the wasteland of a career. It might be the emptiness of simply not knowing what your purpose—your passion—really is, even as you watch other women seem to steam forward.
When I start to feel this way, I think about this verse. I remember that even Paul ran aground, even Paul faced setbacks. But I also remember that the island wasn’t the end of the story. Rescue was coming. Running aground doesn’t mean you’ve run outside of God’s will. It might just mean you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Use this time to increase your trust in God and to see Him work on your behalf, even when the palm trees obscure your view.

Thank you Lord for my setback. Thank you that through this setback, I will know you better. You have a plan, even if I can't see it. You are faithful. You are trustworthy. You are working mightily on our behalf. I will rest in you.

**edited to add - so I decided to read Acts 27, want to know the verse before the one in my devotional? It's a good one!

25 Therefore keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in Godt that it will be just as I have been told.

Woo HOO! I love it when He speaks to me!


Naomi said...

Oh this is just too wonderful! Could the timing of receiving that word have been any better? It is perfect for you at this time. I am so glad that God is speaking and comforting you during this really difficult week.

And I cannot wait to read the last chapter........ :)



God's delays are not His denials.

Stephanie said...

Just the right words at just the right time. Grace for the moment...God is GOOD.

Tara Anderson said...

I can relate to your "running aground" probably more than you realize. From the moment we first saw Cora we felt she was "ours" and God seemed to keep confirming that...until He told us to let her go and added Caden to our family. I never really posted about it on my blog because it's just TOO out there, ya know? But nonetheless we spent 22 1/2 months so confused as to what God's plan was. It was a really emotional time as we tried to stop loving her but found that we couldn't stop praying for God to put her in our family.

And I tell you all this to say...we spent nearly two years "on the island" before God blew our socks off. And it was so worth it! I don't know what His plan is for you and why you've had to go through the heartache of "losing" two girls in the process but I do know that He has it ALL worked out! And it's gonna be good!!!!

Love you my precious friend!!!

Ashley said...

That verse in Acts was our verse for our adoption. It was in all my posts way back when we went through "all that" for Kate.

Stay strong sweet friend. I am praying for you!