Monday, October 31, 2011


Only an hour and a half left in October 2011. Can I tell you how freakin' happy I will be to see it leave? Yeah, very. The shared list released tonight - funny thing, turns out it actually sucks more not waiting on a call, than it does waiting on the phone to ring.

Ok, rant over. I am moving on to why October was awesome. 

We decided to sign our boys up for karate. We have tried to be so diligent to save money over the last couple of years for our adoption, we didn't do a lot of extra curricular activities with the kids.  With them being home schooled, we really felt it was important  to get them out of the house and with other kids. Jackson has been asking about karate for a while, so we thought that would be a good fit.

Of course Jameson wanted to "play karate", too. So they officially started last week. They *love* it! I got to sit in on their classes and it was so great. I really think Jackson will benefit from the discipline and focus. It seems perfect for an 8 year old boy. And, I have to say, seeing Jameson in his little uniform brought back some memories... Check it out:

            My Sweet Baby

                                                       Johnny, from the original Karate Kid

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh that kills me. Too funny. The whole time I was watching Jameson in his class I kept looking for Mr. Miyagi or Daniel!

                                                    Here are my boys together. Love them!

Julianna decided that she wanted to do art lessons. We have tried a few things with her, but she never really seemed to find "her thing". I have to say, I think art is going to be it. She loves creating. She had her first lesson this afternoon, and she had the greatest time!  Today was the greatest day of her life, lol! She got new barbies (thanks Gus and Gigi for the halloween money), new art class, and trick or treating! Ahh... to be a 6 year old again. I didn't take photos of her at her class, so I will share a couple of halloween photos instead!

It is so sweet to see them so happy, doing something they really enjoy. They are such good kids. They have been so giving and humble during the last couple of years. It makes me feel good to seem the smiles on their little faces. They deserve it!


Cheri said...

Jack has been doing karate for a while. He is a brown belt right now and just started taking a sparring class. It has been good for him. Your boys look so happy! Sweet pic of your daughter. Enjoy November.

Tara. said...

They are too cute! I'm glad they're doing something fun!