Sunday, November 14, 2010


It seems that way. LOL! Ok, so most of you know that back in the day, I was a New Kids on the Block groupie. Sad, I know. I mean, couldn't I have followed a cooler group? I guess back then, NKOTB was a cool group. They were to me anyway. I still have a fondness in my heart for Donnie Wahlberg. HAHAHA. Anywho... It turns out, I am still a groupie. Only the group I am following around now does not have smooth moves, or mullets, or earrings.  Instead, they actually have musical talent. HA!

My husband is in a quartet called One Hope. Four middle aged young guys, singing for Jesus. See they actually have a purpose, unlike a certain boy band from the 90's.  Yesterday, the old new boy band I'm following around sang at a car show in town.

If I were to compare One Hope to a boy band you may know, my hubby would be the Justin Timberlake of the group. The cute one. The talent. HAHAHA. Sorry that just cracks me up.  Anyway, I am just so relieved I don't have to tease my hair for this group. Or fight away the other girls. 

Seriously cracks me up. I just can't help it. Let me know if you want a One Hope poster or pillow case for your room! 


Tara Anderson said...

I bet you are one cool groupie! :) So awesome to see your husband and these other guys at work for God in such a neat way!

Ashley said...

Umm, do they have pins for my jean jacket?

Blondie said...

All I seem to be able to do is

Cheri said...

Sounds like fun being a groupie, especially if you are married to the leader?

I got your comment on my blog, and I am so glad I found you and your blog. I'd love to hear the whole story, where you are at in the process. I've read through some of the things, but love to hear more. I know you are busy, but email if you get the chance.