Friday, December 18, 2009


For the cookies to look that bad, I sure have eaten a ton of them. They are darn tasty. Anyway, Brad read my blog this morning and decided he wanted sesame chicken for dinner. Apparently the power of suggestion was pretty strong. I am always up for sesame chicken, especially considering we don't have a good Chinese restaurant, so I said sure. Just to redeem myself, and so people don't think I am a total loss in the kitchen, I am posting a picture of the sesame chicken:

Sorry the "presentation" is not prettier, but I didn't think of taking a picture until after I fixed my plate. You get the point though. It was very tasty, just so you know. Tasty enough for my family to put a hurtin' on it! LOL! I thought little Jameson would eat until he burst.

So, I am not a kitchen failure, just a baking failure. LOL!


I also want to share about our day today. Brad and I are from Charleston, SC. It is warm. It is coastal. I have many memories of wearing shorts and flip flops on Christmas. That was how we rolled. However, we do not live in Charleston anymore. Shorts and flip flops do not apply here. Here being the frozen tundra. Here are a few photos from today.

My back deck:

Man! I wish I had some snow cone syrup!

My tulip tree, looking all purdy:

Ok, it's been real. It's been fun. It's been real fun, but I am over it. They are calling for 16 - 20 inches. TWENTY. INCHES. We will be snowed in until 2010. Seriously. Thank the lord I stocked up on Mountain Dew.

**DISCLAIMER** Apparently being snowed in is messing with my mind! I read back over my post and it sounds awfully redneck - "hurtin'"? "Purdy"? Melt quickly snow!!!!


Stacie said...

When Brad starts picking the banjo by the fire, call me, because I want pictures.

That said, the sesame chicken and the snow are both very pretty! I hope y'all are able to enjoy it anyways!

Tara. said...

You're welcome. For the snow. It headed straight your way after it left here last week! At least it's not also -7 there. Glass half full, right??

Your dinner looks sooo yummy! You rock!

Tara Anderson said...

I miss beautiful Charleston as well...I always "want" it in the Summer, though! And that sesame chicken is makin' my tummy rumble! I may have to have you teach me to cook Chinese. :) I hate it that we go out for the Chinese New Year and would really like to start celebrating at home. Hopefully I'll work out the "kinks" before Soryn is old enough to catch on!